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When one has to move from his home, it is not a small feat. It is not just a mere question of an address change, there are tons upon tons of things to do. Among them, of course, is packing literary all of one’s possessions for the road/storage. And, as the beating heart of any home is the living room, the question arises: How should one be packing the living room?

Packing the living room takes preparation

Packing the living room is more than just call local services for moving boxes Chicago – it takes careful planning. This is because it is a rather complex space and, in all honesty, all parts of the relocation process demand a certain amount of planning. We argue that you should split house by rooms when packing, but that is the topic for another day, right now, we are talking only about the living room.

Packing the living room with a pen and paper
Like with many things in life, you need a plan

So how to plan the relocation? First, take inventory. See what you have. Then, categorize it by whatever criteria you think is best suited for your packing. Is it my size? Maybe by type (Sofa, wardrobe, shelves, electronics). Maybe by the material. Who knows… Truth is that there is no right method for this. The only thing you have to keep in mind when making these categories is that they should make sense to you. Not much more.

When you write it all down, make sure to see what items you will keep, what to store and what to throw away.

What to do with unwanted items

In the planning phase, you no doubt have taken some look at the items in the living room. Chances are most of them you want to keep. After all, the living room is the place of the house where most of the daily activity is being done. However, there are also things you might want to relinquish yourself from before moving to Illinois. So what to do with those?

  • Choose properly. First things first – make sure you have chosen the right items to throw away while preparing and packing the living room. These would most commonly be things you have not used in a while. Do you have something just collecting dust in the corner of your living room? Give it some attention. Is it worth it? Probably not. The only reason why you should keep something you do not use regularly is a) a specialized tool, one you will hardly find in a living room and b) something of great decorative, emotional or monetary value. 
  • Donate. So what to do with those items? First things first – why not donate? If you have something of use, charities will love if you could give it to them. Make someone happy.
  • Sell. Alternatively, you can sell it online or in a garage sale. Why not make a buck out of something that could still be of use to someone.
  • Recycle. Find it to be of good material but little use? Recycle!
  • Store. Should it have some chance of being useful in the future, you should probably store it away in reliable storage Skokie.
  • Throw away. And finally, as the last option, simply throw it away. Sometimes there is not much more to it than that.

Tv and other electronics

We will take a wild guess and say you have a TV set in your living room. As Joe from Friends once wisely put it – “They don’t a TV? Where is all of their furniture pointed at?!”. So, unless you have an exceptionally rare layout of your living room (which is very fine), you have either TV or a computer monitor as a centerpiece of the room.

Tv set with some books
What about the tv set?

When you are packing it and preparing it for movers Skokie IL, take care to pack it into its original box. That would help immeasurably with its reinstallation. Also, take a photo of all the cable sets and the stuff (this also goes for any other electronic devices like computers, for example). It will help you reinstall everything you need in no time.


However, furniture is the main deal. Here, the rule is that you need to do some careful, planned maneuvers to get the sofas and the rest of the furniture out. Be sure to disassemble what you can and carefully plan out what you cant.

chair and sofa
How to deal with furniture?

Word of pro advice. Before you attempt to move your furniture to your new apartment, or to storage Skokie be aware of the fact that the hallways will have to stay clear. So measure everything (especially the elevator if one is present) and plan the time you are going to do this. It is paramount you don’t create a mess in the building’s hallways.

Ask for help

Before we end, the important thing to be said. Be it that you are dealing with a bunch of furniture, or a minimalist apartment. That you are doing the most basic of layouts of trying to arrange living room furniture… always ask for help. Not from professionals, necessarily, but from friends and family as well. Their physical help is appreciated, of course, but hearing a piece of friendly advice on how it should be moved might be of even greater value. 

Therefore, like with many other things in life – be not afraid of asking for help.

In conclusion

To pack the living room is to pack and ready for the relocation the very essence of the house. All of the items most familiar to you – from mundane things like books and tv set to things like decorations and valuables – are to be moved. But as they move, they keep the spirit you captured while packing the living room, bringing it to your new home. This is why packing the living room is so very crucial. You don’t want to miss or damage anything, because anything there is items that you will actually be going to miss should they end up damaged or lost.

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