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Jewelry is likely your most valuable possession. Whether it has a lot of monetary or sentimental value, you want to keep it safe during a move. That is why you should always hire the best movers in Chicago to transport your jewelry. Packing jewelry when moving to Niles will be a breeze, if you organize properly and hire professional movers. All you will need are some basic packing supplies and items you have lying around the house. Jewelry is not heavy, so it won’t cost much to move. Just to be on the safe side, consider getting your possessions insured and start packing!

Take Inventory

If you want to know whether everything has arrived safely, you need to know what you have. Packing jewelry when moving to Niles is not difficult, if you organize properly. By taking inventory you will know that you haven’t forgotten anything in the chaos of the move. You can make a simple paper list, or you can take pictures and upload them to a storage service provider. If you intend to get moving insurance, you should take your items to be appraised. This way you can be sure of their value and it will be easier to file an insurance claim. Now that you have taken inventory, it is time for packing!

Packing jewelry when moving to Niles.
Before you pack your jewelry, assess its value.

What You Will Need For Packing 

Packing jewelry for moving is much like packing anything else. You will need the basic packing supplies, like boxes, bubble wrap, duct tape, and wrapping paper. For packing individual pieces you will want to take special care. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything! You can use household items to keep your jewelry safe. You can pack by following these 5 easy steps:

  • Preparing boxes and wrapping paper
  • Get some egg cartons
  • Find some straws
  • Get some toilet paper rolls
  • Start packing your jewelry!

General Packing Supplies

You can find all you need at packing supplies Chicago, at a very low cost. You should get smaller boxes, to keep your jewelry from bouncing around during the move. Place bubble wrap on the bottom of the box and tape it to the walls of the box. Put a layer of wrapping paper around the box and secure it with duct tape. Generally, it is smart to label your boxes for easier unpacking. Because you are moving jewelry, you might want to intentionally mislabel your boxes as something inexpensive. 

Egg carton.
Use household items to keep your jewelry safe.

Household Items

Prepare some egg cartons, straws, and paper rolls. Egg cartons can keep your necklaces from tangling up. String the sides through the holes and clasp it on the outside. The rest of the necklace will be inside the egg carton. You can pack multiple necklaces this way, and they won’t get tangled. Wrap it wrapping paper and you’re good to go. Straws are also useful for packing necklaces. Slip one end through the straw and clasp it on the outside. You can similarly use toilet rolls. Slip one end through and clasp it on the outside. This is a good method to use for larger pieces. As you can see packing jewelry when moving to Niles is easy. Now all you need to do is contact movers Niles IL to transport your items.

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