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Packing a sound system when moving is a scary thing. That is why most people decide to hire packing services Chicago to do this. However, why spend money on professional services if you can do this on your own?  You just need to have suitable packing materials and know-how to pack your system properly. If you have never done this before, this article will show which things to prepare and how to pack your valuable stereo system securely.

Items that you need to prepare for packing a sound system when moving

Packing your stereo system when moving is not a difficult thing. However, because of the fragility and value of this item, a lot of people are scared to do this without hiring professionals. Of course, this is something that will surely increase your Chicago moving costs. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you to avoid additional expenses. Here are the items that you will need to prepare:

  • Original packaging is the best vessel for your stereo. If you haven’t kept it, you need to find cardboard boxes of appropriate size.
  • Original packaging has Styrofoam molds that will protect your items while they are inside the box. If you do not have original boxes, bubble plastic will be the material that will protect your system from damage.
  • You will need good packing tape for protecting a sound system when moving. Especially if you are moving in the rain.
  • Markers and labels to mark the boxes with equipment
  • A set of tools
A cardboard box
If you do not have original packaging use moving boxes and label them properly

If you can use the original packaging for packing a sound system when moving

Original packaging is the thing that will protect your items during a move. However, people usually do not have enough storage space to keep the original boxes. If you are one of those people, you will need to find appropriate moving boxes.

Use bubble wrap to protect your system

If you are not using original packaging you will need something to protect your equipment while it is inside the box. Of course, the best thing for this is bubble plastic. You should wrap the whole system with it, and use it to fill the gaps in boxes so that your stereo cannot move during transport.

Use a quality packing tape that will hold it all together

Packing tape is a thing that will keep your stereo system, bubble plastic, and a box together. You cannot pack a thing without it. If you are moving during bad weather, make sure that you use quality packing tape to seal your boxes.

A packing tape
If you are packing a sound system when moving make sure that you use quality packing tape

Label your boxes when packing a sound system when moving

Finally, you will need to clearly label the boxes that hold your equipment.  Movers need to know which boxes would be handled carefully. So if you are invested some effort into packing a sound system when moving, label it properly.

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