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Packing up your whole life and relocating it is a big undertaking. Don’t let moving become a monster weight on your shoulders; follow these quick tips to turn the stress down a notch:

1. Make sure every member of your family packs a suitcase as if they’re going away for the weekend. Include a change of clothes, medications, toiletries, etc. Keep the suitcases separated from all other items so they don’t get mixed in on moving day.

2. Create “Open Me First” boxes for each room. Think about the most basic items each place in your home needs: bathmats and towels in the bathroom, pots, pans and utensils in the kitchen; pillowcases and blankets in the bedroom.


3. Pack up one room at a time! It will be easier to stay organized if you go room-by-room rather than trying to stow away the whole house at once.

4. Embrace spring cleaning. Moving is an opportunity to take note of every possession you own. If you find yourself holding items you can’t ever remember using, do yourself and someone else a favor by donating them.

5. Track small parts. Whenever you take a piece of furniture apart, put all the nuts and bolts into a plastic bag and tape it securely to the underside of the table, chair, whatever. You’ll thank us later when you don’t tear your beautiful new home apart looking for that particular screw. Alternatively, allow Golan’s professional movers to disassemble and then reassemble your furniture in your new home to save time and prevent parts loss.

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