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When packing for the big move, a lot of thought goes into what you are packing. However, very little thought goes into what you are not packing. Not every item should be packed and here are some of the biggies that should be thrown out or donated:

Flammables and unstable items. Certain items aren’t safe to be transported in a moving truck. This includes fertilizer, batteries and cleaning solutions. Certain items are illegal to put in a moving truck including explosives, compressed gases and radioactive materials. While most people don’t have such items in their backyard shed, illegal common household items include nail polish remover, paint, gasoline and matches.

Food. Perishable food will, well, perish if you try to move it. Other items such as canned items and pantry goods will add to your moving weight and may require special handling. Consider passing unused food along to friend or family, or even donate it to a local charity.

Live plants. Like food, plants require special handling from the moving company. Either transport them in your personal vehicle or give them to a plant loving friend as a departure gift.

Large appliances and exercise equipment. You know that dusty treadmill hiding in the back of your basement? It may cost more than its worth to move it. Same goes for heavy washing machines and refrigerators. Either leave old appliances behind or sell what you can on Craigslist.

Irreplaceable family heirlooms and valuables. Even with the most trustworthy movers, some belongings are too meaningful to entrust in another person’s hands. This includes family photographs, valuable jewelry, passports, firearms, birth certificates, your antique stamp collection or even your toddler’s must-have blankie.

Immediate-use items. Think about what you’ll need for your first night at your new home. Pack prescription drugs, toothbrushes, a change of clothes, diapers and whatever else you need until you get fully unpacked.

Have questions on what to pack? Let us know! We’re here to help make your move as smooth as possible.

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