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Transporting your valuable and delicate musical instruments is a song with Golan’s Moving and Storage since the Chicago moving company has been successfully orchestrating moves for more than 20 years.

Size matters
It’s no wonder Golan’s has been dubbed the “Chicago Piano Transport Experts” because it has a noteworthy track record in this specified area. Whether you have a spinet, a console, an upright, a player, a baby grand or a grand piano, Golan’s has the proper padding and company know-how to ensure a secure delivery.

Strings attached
Unlike pianists who seldom move their large instrument, harpists are accustomed to transporting their work for weddings and concerts, and may already have a padded cover for travel. However, although the covering protects the harp it also acts as a sail due to the harp’s shape and can easily be blown over in a city known for its wind. Fortunately the movers at Golan’s will ward against. They’ll also make sure to slide the harp onto a padded surface via the tuning peg side opposed to the disks or levers. Harps also require a moderate temperature which is something to keep in mind when choosing your moving date.

Hit the beat
Although drum sets take up a lot of space when put together, they can easily be broken apart for transport—an exercise well-traveled drummers are used to. In fact, some seasoned drummers may prefer to move their drums on their own. Whatever the choice, it’s best to go over options and suggestions with the Golan’s moving team prior to the move.


Case in point
Relatively small instruments (guitar, bass, violin, viola, trumpet, clarinet, flute) usually have a carrying case. If your case is made out of woven nylon, it will be lightweight enough to keep on your person during the move if you prefer to have it with you. But instruments which have hard cases can be left with Golan’s since the sturdy shell will protect it from damage—especially if it has an interior padding which helps to moderate the internal temperature. Since instruments are sensitive to temperatures, wait until after your move, when you’ve reached room temperature, before opening your instrument case—whether it’s soft or hard. Don’t forget to add contact information (your name, phone, email) to the inside and outside of your case.


Take a bow

By taking the aforementioned precautions, you and Golan’s will ensure secure passage of your beloved instrument. And once its safely situated in your new home, that’s cause for song! To know more details, please click here to contact Golan’s Chicago movers or call at 800-439-8515.

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