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Chicago is one of the most populous cities in the USA, with 2.697 million residents. It spans over 15 counties, and 3 states and has approximately 100 suburbs. The one that we will focus on today is Northbrook, one of the best parts of the city, according to its residents. A little over 35,000 people call it home, and it is very popular among retirees. With a population growth rate of 0.58% annually, many people decide to hire the best movers in Chicago and relocate here. There are many favorable factors to living in this city like the highly educated residents, high median household incomes, and safety. But the variety of Northbrook IL parks also attracts people to visit, so let’s see which the best ones are.

What are the best Northbrook IL parks?

Northbrook spans over 13.30 square miles, resulting in a population density of 2,660 people per square mile. The dense suburban feeling can become suffocating, but luckily Northbrook has a solution. Green areas and parks! For such a small area, there are 23 Northbrook IL parks – with more than 500 acres of green space. And movers Northbrook IL recommend you visit:

  • Indian Ridge Park
  • Northbrook Park District – Village Green
  • Wood Oaks Green Park
Picture of a kid and an adult in a playground
The Northbrook IL parks are beloved among children

Indian Ridge Park

Indian Ridge Park is located on Walters Ave. It is without a doubt one of the most beloved parks among Northbrook residents. For that reason, movers from Morton Grove IL relocate people close to this park and recommend this area. It was built on the grounds of the former Indian Ridge School. The park features plenty of playground equipment – swings, slides, climbing spaces, play sets, and a big open green space. People use it for various activities, but it is mostly used for playing soccer. For those for don’t like soccer, there is also a basketball court and a softball court. It is a great place for families with kids, or people who want to do physical activity.

Northbrook Park District – Village Green

This park is located on Shermer Road and Meadow Road, in the heart of Northbrook. Its location makes it a great meeting and resting spot which is why movers Elmwood Park IL frequently operate here and advise you to visit it. The playground equipment is a must for any park, but this one feature – a baseball and softball court, a multi-purpose field, shaded pathways, picnic areas, restrooms, drinking fountains, and even a bike repair station. This is one of the many reasons why you can see so many cyclists in the area, enjoying the light breeze and the beautiful greenery.

Wood Oaks Green Park

Even though this park is beautiful and fun during the colder months, it becomes its best version in the winter. Wood Oaks Green Park becomes a white wonderland for kids and their sleds and skis. It features three levels of difficulty hills and a parking lot that is close to the main attraction of the park. There are trees all around the hills, making for a beautiful landscape, no matter the season. Just keep in mind that winter fun and safety go hand in hand, so remember to stay safe!

Picture of a family enjoying one of the Northbrook IL parks
Winter is the best season in this park

Enjoy Northbrook IL parks

As you can see, Northbrook IL parks are attractions all year round, and for the whole family. Everybody can participate in a fun activity, or just enjoy the sun and the views. Thanks to the friendly community, you will also make friends in no time after moving. We wish you good luck and plenty of fun in one of Northbrook’s parks!

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