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The moving process can get extremely stressful and chaotic. All that packing, lifting, transferring… And by adding children to the mix, it gets even more turbulent. It can be really difficult for a person to handle everything on their own. However, there are always ways to avoid all the stress. No matter the size of your household and family, with the right planning and organizing, every move can feel like a piece of cake. Even if you’re trying to plan out a multifamily relocation to Chicago, help is on the way. You’re just one phone call away from the solution to all your problems – so dial Golan’s Moving & Storage and leave the rest to us.

How can a multifamily relocation to Chicago be as easy as pie?

It might sound impossible, but relocating a big household doesn’t have to be the end of the world. First and foremost, Chicago is an ideal place to move to. It’s the third biggest city in the USA, but it’s very different from the other metropolises. It’s a simple city with a big heart – easy to travel through and to navigate. Plus, it has an amazing public transport system, so you don’t have to think about your kids being late for school. Additionally, Chicago has a huge bicycle culture, so you can expect to get some extra workouts on your way to work! Moving to Chicago sounds like a dream, and it’s very simple with the best residential movers Chicago. Call us now to get started on your journey!

man riding his bike when he relocated to chicago
Chicago has a lot of bike trails that make commuting to work good for your health and the environment!

Chicago is a city that combines nature and urbanism perfectly. It has a number of breathtaking parks like Lincoln Park that spreads across 1,200 acres. Besides that, it has more than 600 parks and an 18-mile long trail along the lake. Just imagine the Sunday family picnics!

We are aware that all these things sound amazing, but that would mean that the city is very expensive? Wrong. Chicago is actually very affordable. According to a report from 2020. the average renting price for a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is more than $4,600. In Chicago, that price is about $2,000. Similar in size, but very different in price. The same goes for housing prices – the median being about $200,000 in 2019. Even though there are many financial perks that come with relocating to this city, it’s hard to organize your costs. Thankfully, we offer professional help that will make you create the best budget for your relocation.

a house in chicago perfect for multifamily relocation
Chicago is a big city with numerous opportunities but affordable housing.

Make a checklist to organize your multifamily relocation

With so many different things to think and worry about, it’s easy to forget something. In order to remember to do everything, a checklist can come in handy. Here are just a few things that people usually forget but you should include in your list – but don’t forget to be creative and add your own ideas! 

  • Finish all the paperwork for your old house.
  • Make a detailed budget.
  • Research schools.
  • Give notice to your old landlord prior to moving.
  • Label all the boxes.
  • Sort your belongings – keep, throw, recycle, donate.
  • Throw a goodbye dinner party at your old house.
  • Make a moving playlist.

How to handle multifamily relocation with children?

Moving to a multifamily household can be a real challenge. Your children are your biggest priority so you need to make sure you do everything you can to make the process as enjoyable as possible for them. The first and usually the hardest step is telling your children that you are moving to another place. Even though moving is difficult for everyone, and you might have worries about adjusting to a new neighborhood, your children will have the hardest time leaving their old room, friends, and school. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, here are a few tips which you can follow. Even if your children are very young, know that you have support 24/7, there is always a way to organize a stress-free relocation with kids with the help of our professionals!

  • The family should be all together when you break the big news. When you are telling your children an important thing, it’s best to have the family together, perhaps during a Sunday dinner. The supportive and familiar atmosphere will help the kids accept the change more easily.
family dinner is the perfect time to tell your family about the relocation to chicago
Family dinner is the perfect time to tell your family about the relocation.
  • Tell them about moving as early as possible. Try to inform them before telling the school or the neighbors, because they will probably find out through them. That just creates an even bigger problem. Also, once you have planned out everything, they will surely notice that something is going on.
  • Explain the benefits of moving. Explain to them that the reason you’re moving is because of them. Show them the perks of a new and better school, a larger backyard, a separate bedroom for everyone, the possibility of owning a pet, etc.
  • Present it as a family adventure. If your children are younger, you can present the whole process as one big adventure. It can have different checkpoints they need to pass in order to reach the goal. Most children like video games, so why not transform the move into one big game in which you are the main players?
  • Understand their feelings. This is probably the first time that your kids are dealing with a huge change. You need to be able to understand and accept their feelings. Let them be sad, angry, and scared, but make sure you are there to comfort them.

Keep a positive attitude about moving.

Even if it seems like the most obvious step, it’s hard to be optimistic about something which you find scary as well. Your children will often mimic your own behavior and emotions. Staying optimistic will be reassuring for them and make the big change not as frightening. A positive attitude will lessen your stress. It will make the whole moving process more easy and enjoyable for both you and your kids. Golan’s Moving & Storage is always by your side and ready to help you start your new life.

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