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Relocation is a stressful process. It takes careful planning and organization. Moving with pets to Chicago can induce even more stress if you did not prepare adequately. Luckily, hiring professional movers Chicago can ease the relocation process for both you and your pet.

a couple with a dog sitting, drinking a hot beverage after moving with pets to Chicago
Pets are considered a part of the family and can easily adopt the stresses of their owners

Pets share a special connection with their owners or humans they are around very often. They can pick up on our mood and, in a way, share our feelings. That is why careful plans and thinking ahead will only benefit you and your pet in this process. As pets take time to adapt to their surroundings it might be difficult or stressful for them to move to a new location. In the article below, we will try to ease the moving process with pets and help you go through it easier.

What to know when moving with pets to Chicago

As we mentioned above, pets tend to sense stress and other feelings in their owner. This means that you should aim for the stressless relocation experience. By carefully planning ahead and collecting all the needed information for the move you ensure to, at least, reduce the stress of moving. Some of the main aspects of this type of move you should look out for are:

  • Create a checklist
  • Take your pet for a checkup
  • Research on the least stressful way to transport your pet
  • Settle in

Being fully prepared will only reduce the stress relocation can induce. This applies to both the pet and the owner. The less stressful the moving process is, the better new start you will have in your new home.

Create a checklist

When you are moving your pets to a different location you have to think about their belongings as well. The sooner you start planning the move the better it will be. Create a checklist, when moving with pets to Chicago, to have a better insight into what steps you need to complete before the move. Packing essentials for your pets is a must, both for the travel and for once you arrive at the new location.

This step requires you to create a list of all the pet items you will be bringing with you to your new home. From toys and snacks to water and food bowls, beds and walking leashes. Remember, there is a big chance your pets will also be stressed by the whole situation. Pay close attention to their behaviour and do your best to make this process as easy as it can be for them.

Take your pet for a checkup

So, let us assume you have already created a checklist and started finishing steps one by one. When hiring local movers Chicago, your personal belongings are taken care of. So, you should focus on taking your pet to the veterinarian. Vets will be the best pointer of any potential issues that need to be focused on considering your pet.

a small pup being examined by a veterinarian
Vet checkups will allow you to understand if your pet needs special care during the move

As they are professionals they will almost immediately indicate that your pet is stressful or if it has any issues before moving. Moreover, certain states and cities require certificates such as proof of rabies vaccination or a health certificate for your pet. When dealing with stressful situations pet can change their behaviour to the extreme. Talking to the vet about potential motion sickness, anxiety attacks or other issues that may arise when travelling will only benefit both you and the pet. Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe adequate sedatives for your pet to keep it calm and endure the process better.

There are a lot of long-distance moving mistakes you should avoid, especially when you move with pets. Understand that your pet has needs also and do the best of your ability to make this move easier for them.

Research on the least stressful way to transport your pet

Even-though our pets can easily travel with us regardless of the vehicle, you should always opt for the one that suits their needs the best.

Driving: This is one of the best and easiest way to transport your pet. As it allows you to dictate the speed of travelling, when to take a break and allows you to stop in case of emergency. Also, if you travel a long way, being able to stop from time to time for your pet to walk or go to the bathroom is always a plus. A lot of dogs love having road-trips, however, cats are not the biggest fans. You can always protect them by providing crates, carriers or car harnesses.

Air: This might be one of the faster ways to travel when moving with pets to Chicago, but your pets might not like it. Airlines have certain requirements and regulations regarding pets. Providing all the needed documentation about the health and vaccination of the pet is always useful when traveling by plane. However, pets are quite likely to be more stressed as they will find themselves in the “unknown”. This can induce high levels of stress for your pet and create anxiety issues in the future.

Settling in when moving with pets to Chicago

Once you arrive, your pet will be pretty confused by the new environment. Allow them to sniff through the new home and the yard. As residential movers Chicago take care of your belongings you can focus on introducing your pet to their new home.

a man drinking coffee with his cat besides him
Pets can become overwhelmed when in a new environment, so allow them to explore on their own to feel safer

Regardless of the new environment, your pet will be curious and cautious at the same time. So, provide them with all of the needed support and show them that they are safe there. Determine where is the best place in your new home to place their food/water bowls and beds. By doing it as early as possible you increase the chances of your pet settling in faster.

Moving with pets to Chicago can be hard. That is why you should do the best of your ability to make the transition as easy as it can be. If the pet is happy in their new home, we are sure they will transfer their happiness on the owner. Everything is easier with a pet, so make sure you provide them with everything they require.

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