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When you are going through your long To-Do list to complete before moving day arrives, it is also important to consider your pets. Don’t forget your furry friends (or scaly ones, depending on what kind of pet you have) when you’re making preparations for your move. Read on to know how to get things done when relocating with your pets.



Gathering Vet Records

 If you’re about to move to a new location that’s considerably far from your current home, then it is important to ask your pets’ current veterinarian for records. These will be requested by the new vet office, and can sometimes be required when travelling by certain modes of transportation, such as when travelling by plane. These are usually fairly easy to come by and can even be easily printed out or faxed to you. Always have these documents on file, just in case there will come a time when these are needed.


Managing Their Exposure to Stress

 There are studies that show pets can easily get spooked and stressed during a move. This is because many of our furry companions are already accustomed to the daily routines of everyone in the household. With the sight of everyone moving about and being busy, our pets can then be stressed out and left to wonder why everyone is moving around so much. To properly manage their stress levels, you can keep them inside a room in the current house until all the packing has been done, but don’t forget to visit them once in a while just to reassure them that everything’s alright. Also, keeping them safe inside a room also means that they won’t be bothering you or other people during the move (if your pet is the hyperactive type).


Update Tags With the New Address

 It is important that you should update your pet’s tags with new and proper identification. These will include update contact information and the location of your new address. It is not an impossibility that pets do get lost during travels, so it is better to be sure than suffer the consequences of having Fido get lost later on.

If you are in need of assistance for your next move, and you want to make sure that you get everything prepared for your pet, getting help from Golan’s Moving & Storage will bring you peace of mind and a successful moving experience.

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