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Moving house sure is a hassle every time. When you are moving with your family, things can get even more complicated. It’s difficult to make sure the entire family is satisfied, especially if you have kids. They can be sensitive when it comes to big life changes. That’s why it’s super important to talk to your kids and prepare them for the relocation. So, before you start looking into moving companies Chicago, you might want to sit down with your family and discuss the upcoming move. To help you get through this successfully, we’ll give you some tips for moving with kids.

Have an open conversation about the move with your kids

The key to any good relationship is open and honest communication. Well, in a situation like moving with children, you should put in some extra effort and talk to your kids about everything. Don’t just spring this life-changing decision on them, inform them about the move on time. Make sure your kids know that they can voice their concerns to you and that they can ask you anything they want to know. Just don’t keep them in the dark.

Mother and daughter on a bench
Have a chat with your kids and let them know about the move on time. Don’t leave this conversation for the last minute.

Keep in mind that this transition is a very big deal to them, especially if you’re moving long-distance. They’re leaving their friends behind, transferring to a new school and losing their daily routines. So, they will need your support and reassurance in order to come to terms with the relocation. Let your kids know you’re there for them every step of the way.

When moving with kids, involve them in the process

To make moving with kids easier on both you and your children, you should include them in the process. The worst thing to do is make your kids feel excluded from a project like this.

  • So, ask them about their opinions on the new house, the new neighborhood and new furniture.
  • Take them to see your new home so that they can get familiar with it.
  • Let them choose the design of their new room.
  • Also, you can give them tasks which will make them feel useful. And if you’re not hiring packing services Chicago, your kids can help you with packing – they could pack their own room, for example.
  • Or, you can ask your children to give you a hand with cleaning the house. Just don’t neglect your child during this time.

Choosing a new school for your kids when moving

If you’re relocating with kids who are going to school, it might be time to start doing your research. It’s important to transfer your child to an appropriate school. Starting a new school is a scary change for most kids, so maybe you should include them in this decision as well. Try to find a school seems like it would be a good fit for your kids. Also, don’t forget to transfer your child’s school records to the new school.

Stick to routines

Staying sane while relocating with kids might be a challenge, but it can be done. Something that will help you and your kids survive the relocation is creating routines or sticking to your old ones. Yes, everything is changing, there’s lots to do and your house is in disarray. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still eat at a certain time and go to bed when you normally would.

Try to stick to your normal routines while moving with your children.

You should try to still lead a normal life even though you’re changing your address. This is especially important when you’re moving with children. You don’t want them to lose all structure in their lives.

So, wake up as you normally would (if not earlier), have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time as always and go to bed at a reasonable house. This goes for the entire family. Routines are a good way to survive the move, but also to settle into the new house. You can create new routines in the new home to make yourselves comfortable.

Stay in touch with old friends and meet new people

Nowadays, it’s as easy as ever to stay in touch with people and check in with friends who live far away. Whether you’re moving internationally or locally, you shouldn’t fear losing friends. So, reassure your children and explain that just because they’re moving, they don’t have to lose contact with their friends. Not only can they go and visit, but they can text or video chat any day.

Looking at Instagram - social media might be help stay in touch with old friends after moving with kids
With all the social media platforms around, it’s impossible to lose contact with good friends. So, reassure your kids.

Making new friends isn’t always easy. In fact, this might be the scariest thing about relocating to a lot of kids. It’s quite daunting going to a place where you don’t know anyone and leaving all of your friends behind, you must admit. So, when you’re moving with kids, keep in mind that this is probably something they are worried about.

It’s important to support your kids in this process. If they let you, you might be able to help them meet some new friends. After all, you need to meet new people as well, so you’re in the same boat. Something you can suggest to your kids is joining a club or signing up for extracurricular activities. If they’re into sports, they could join a team and meet other athletes. But a good start is them knowing that you’ve got their back.

Stay positive when moving with kids

If your kids are struggling to accept the move, it’s totally understandable. However, it is your job to make them feel more comfortable with your decision and help them come to terms with it. Try to keep a positive attitude and explain to your kids why the relocation is a good decision. If they’re unable to see the good in this situation, at least let them know that you’re there to talk with them and support them.

As you can tell, moving with kids might include some extra consideration and care, but it’s not all that different than moving alone. The key things to keep in mind are open communication and support. Be there for your children, explain everything and make them feel included. Good luck to all of you!

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