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In a recent report by MyMovingReviews, they have gathered data through a survey to give people the complete picture of the moving trends for the year 2015. The report also includes some comparisons to last year’s moving trends. Read on to find out some interesting highlights from this report.




To start, there is a slight decline from 63.5-percent down to 60.6-percent for people who have requested an estimate for moving costs that were about to relocate to another state. Out of those who have moved to a new state, 1 out of 10 of these customers have also opted to ship a vehicle.


Also, most people who have opted to move for this year have done small-sized moves. Meaning, they have relocated into 1 and 2 bedroom homes. There is not much difference in the percentage of individuals or families who had partial moves or have relocated into studio type moves. However, it is seen that there is a 12.61-percent rise of customers who have moved into 1 bedroom homes. As for those who are moving into 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes, there has been a decline in percentage when comparing data from 2014.


It is also a known trend that many relocations are being done during the summer. During this season, it has always been a very hectic period for movers. It is due to people preferring to relocate during this season as it is favorable weather. The month of June was seen with the highest activity with July coming in second and August coming in last when it comes to the number of moves done. It should also be noted that even though there is a most and least hectic month during the summer season, all three months are only slightly different with each other in terms of number of moves made.


When it comes to the highest number of local moves within USA alone in 2015, the top 5 are California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and New York. In 2014, the top 5 states in this category are slightly different as it was California, Texas, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. The aforementioned lists range from highest to lowest in terms of number of local moves.


There are more information about the statistics on the topic of the moving trends for the year 2015 over at MyMovingReviews. Looking at the numbers, it would be wise to acquire a schedule from professional movers in advance lest you would not be accommodated due to the company’s busy schedules. If you are in need of expert moving assistance for your next move, contact Golan’s Moving & Storage today.

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