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It is no secret that moving is stressful for everybody involved, not just children. Young ones have a bond with their surroundings and leaving them will bring plenty of grief. This is why, before moving to Des Plaines with kids, you have to make sure that the whole process plays out smoothly. Besides leaving the area they are familiar with, they will also leave all of their friends behind. As heartbreaking as that is, the moving day is getting closer and Des Plaines movers are almost there. But don’t worry! There are ways to make the move simpler and help your kids through this difficult process. Remember that understanding and compassion are key to a successful move. Through this guide, we will explain to you how to approach your kids with these two things in mind.

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Des Plaines welcomes you with open arms

Organize a family meeting and discuss the task at hand

Before you make any moving plans, you need to make sure that the whole family is on the same page. There is no better way to do this than calling up a family meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Prepare your kids’ favorite meal or order pizza, and discuss the move. Explain to everyone why the move is important and needed. Talk openly with your kids, be respectful of their thoughts and feelings, and encourage them to speak. Listen to what they have to say and ask for their feedback. Most importantly, get them involved in the moving process as much as possible. True, your residential movers Chicago will do most of the work. However, if your kids know their say in the matter has value, and their help matters, they will feel included and mature.

Before moving to Des Plaines with kids, research your new home, together

It is generally a good idea to visit your new home a few times before you move in. Performing an early inspection before you arrive with your items will help a lot with unpacking and settling in. Bring your kids with you to one of these visits and give them a grand tour. Getting familiar with the home they will live in soon will do them a world of good. Furthermore, they’ll be excited about the whole moving process. Getting familiar with the new home will certainly help you avoid injuries on the moving day. Don’t just stop with the house though, explore the neighborhood as well! Check out a few schools in the area, and see which one would suit your kids the most, in terms of proximity and the education program. For bonus points, try to meet the neighbors together and let your kids make friends in advance.

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Moving is a huge decisions, so make sure you discuss it as a family

Decluttering is a necessary step in every relocation

Before you set out to the lovely city of Des Plaines with your kids, you first have to organize things in your current home. Packing can’t begin until you figure out what you’re taking with you, and what is getting thrown out or donated. Given the fact you have children, you probably have a lot of old toys and clothes, and the boxes they came in. And naturally, you won’t take all of it with you. So before you move, you need to declutter. This is yet another great activity to involve your kids in. Start sorting room by room for the most efficiency. Always remember to consult with your kids before throwing away their items. The best way to declutter efficiently is to use the “3 boxes” method. This is how it works:

  • Keep box – This box should contain all of the toys, books, clothes, and games that your children wish to take with them. Encourage them to keep as few items as possible, with the promise of getting them some new things when you move.
  • Donate box – Anything and everything that is in good condition, but isn’t used, goes into this box. Outgrown clothes and old toys can be donated to a charitable organization. Alternatively, if you have friends with smaller children, you can donate these items to them as well.
  • Trash box – This box is rather self-explanatory from the name alone. Everything that is broken, worn down, and has no purpose goes here. Try to explain to your kids that they shouldn’t be too sentimental with items like these. The less you have to pack, the less you’ll have to move. Now you can pack or get a packing service if you prefer.

To start the process of moving to Des Plaines, organize a farewell party

We’ve already discussed the fact that kids have an extremely hard time letting go of their surroundings. Their surroundings involve family, friends, and places they are familiar with. To help them move on and make the parting process somewhat easier, you can organize a goodbye party. Invite everyone from your kids’ circle, including family members, friends, classmates, neighbors, and teachers. Prepare plenty of food, drinks, and snacks, and organize games for the children. Encourage your kids to exchange contact information with their friends, and share mementos with each other, such as friendship bracelets. Exchange social media information with everyone’s parents, such as Skype or Viber. A video call is a great solution when your kids start feeling nostalgic.

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Make sure to let your kids properly say goodbye to their friends

After all of this, you can really start moving to Des Plaines with kids. Your best option is hiring a reliable team of people, such as Golan’s Moving & Storage. Your movers will take care of the moving, packing, and heavy lifting, leaving you plenty of time to spend with your young ones. In addition, settling in will be much faster. Once the relocation process is done, you will have to start adapting to your new home and exploring the surroundings. The first few days after the move are crucial, so make them fun for your children. Visit the local parks or museums, and organize picnics in the great outdoors. With these tips and tricks, moving will be a fun experience for the whole family!

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