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What’s the first thing that pops into your mind as soon as you get the news that you and your family are about to move into a new home? Is it the new house? What about the travel arrangements? Or what about the things needed to be done for your children to change schools? For many, it’s the clutter that would seem to spring up all over the place when you’re doing the packing. But there’s a way to reduce the stress when you’re packing and that is to get rid of stuff prior to placing your other stuff inside boxes.





Well, you don’t have to actually get rid of these as old boxes that don’t have anything in them can be of great use for your packing endeavors. If you see some lying around your house, promptly set them aside for now until the actual time comes when you have to put stuff inside of them.


Expired Makeup

There are some of us who have makeup lying around for quite some time, and many of these items don’t actually get to be used. Hence, they end up expired and thoroughly unusable. Just get rid of it, ’nuff said.


Old Magazines

If you have a bunch of these lying around, then you have some options as to how you can dispose of them. You can either sell them or send them off to your local recycling plant. Or you can keep them; some old magazines are great for coffee table reading materials for when guests suddenly arrive at your home.


Dry Cleaning Hangers

These hangers are very flimsy and can easily break. If you’re planning to use them for your clothes when you’re packing, don’t. Spend a few dollars more on some better ones.


Unused Paint

If you’ve had some home improvement projects for your current home, then you may have a paint can or two lying around, then leave it there. Not only are these probably going to be really useless, but they can also become very dangerous.



More specifically, clothes that no longer fit you. Remember that old jacket that you used to wear all the time back in high school? Yeah, time to get rid of it. Or if you can’t and it’s really a precious memorabilia (like if it’s a sports jacket), then have it framed if no one else is going to use it.

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