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Bedrooms and bathrooms contain a variety of furnishings, often including some of your most personal items, so it’s important to know how to ready these rooms for a big move.


Once you remove and wash your bed linens, place in clean crates or trunks lined with plain paper tissue. Do not use newsprint as a liner. Pillows and lightweight blankets may be put into furniture drawers. Nothing else should be left in drawers—especially liquids, breakables or dangerous objects–since movers must be able to carry these dressers.

When it comes to disassembling beds, professional moving companies such as Golan’s Movers will do the job as well as wrap all components, package all hardware, and reassemble beds at the new destination. For an extra fee, Golan’s will also wrap mattresses and box springs with shrink wrap for same day moves or mattress cartons for long distance moves.

While you can place costume jewelry into boxes for the move, all valuable jewelry (be it pricey due to monetary value or priceless due to sentimental value) should be moved personally by you. No doubt, you’ll also pack your intimate garments and other small clothing articles yourself. Suitcases, bags, boxes or trunks will do. For a small fee, the Golan’s team will move clothing on hangers from the closets directly to wardrobes furnished by Golan’s so clothing will reach the new destination clean and wrinkle-free.


If you’re bringing toiletries to your new home, seal the corks and stoppers of perfume bottles with masking tape before wrapping separately in paper and placing upright in boxes for transport. While the Golan’s moving team will remove all mirrors not fastened to the walls, they will not reinstall the mirrors on walls at the new residence. For storage or long distance moving, mirrors must be crated for safe handling.

When you’re ready to relocate, Golan’s Moving and Storage will transport your bed and bath beyond your expectations. Once you’re settled in your new place, you can sleep soundly knowing your prized possessions have been safely moved to your new home.

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