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A moving process is something that seems fairly easy. However, there is much more to it than you would think. Not too many people have the big moving experience because most people do not move that much during their lifetime. But, when the time comes, you can get overwhelmed by the number of information. Moving terminology is a particular problem because people do not know that much about it. So, before you start asking for moving quotes Chicago so that you could find the best possible movers, make sure that you understand all the terms that you can find across the board. Here is what you need to know about the terminology of moving!

What moving terminology is the most crucial for your relocation?

Before we start naming the terms, we have to mention that this is not everything about the move. There are many moving terms but not all of them are something you will face with. So, here are the most common and important moving terms that you should be aware of:

  • Moving estimate, quote
  • Bill of landing
  • C.O.D.

Moving estimate, quote

Even though you can learn what it is just by looking at the term, some people have problems when they see only a ‘moving quote’. Basically, both are the same terms and it is an estimation given by the representatives of the moving company about how much the move is going to cost. People usually get them in order to see how much they are going to pay their movers. It is a way to find affordable movers Chicago that can handle your relocation without you having to spend too much money.

You should also know that there are three different kinds of moving estimates. Some of them are binding while some are not. This is something that you should always ask the movers before making the final call.

a black casio calculator
Estimation is an important part of the moving process

Bill of landing

This is basically a legal document that outlines every single detail about the move. It is everything from the moving date, the number of items for the move, the weight, etc. This is basically a receipt that you will get for the move. This also gives you solutions if something bad happens. For example, you are using many moving services Chicago where your movers are responsible for your belongings. If they do something wrong, you will have the proof to do something, even legal.


This is also a common moving term that many people do not understand. Cash on delivery means that you have to pay your movers as soon as the move is done. Naturally, the price is different depending on whether you are using packing services Chicago, assemble and disassemble services, storage services, etc. Abbreviations are not that common within the moving terminology but here is one that is making all the confusion.

a woman counting dollars
Paying always comes after the move ends

These moving terms should help you understand your move better

As we have said, there are even more terms in the moving terminology but not all of them will be important to you. These are some that you will most likely see and you should know what they mean. This will help you reduce the stress of not knowing what something means!

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