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It’s a major milestone—you’re moving out of your parents’ home into your first apartment! This is an exciting opportunity to live on your own and start your adult life. But before you head out, take some time to plan your move. Here are four tips to keep in mind before leaving the nest:

1. Make a packing list. First things first, take note of what you own and what you can use in your new place. Can you bring your bedroom furniture from your childhood room? Or is it time graduate from the bunk bed? Write a detailed packing list starting with each room of your apartment. You’ll then start to get an idea of what you have and what you need.

2. Purge! There’s no point of hanging on to old clothes or childhood relics (unless your mom is a super sentimental hoarder—no judgment!). Since you won’t be using these items in your new home, there’s no point in packing them. Instead, donate anything that is still usable to a local thrift shop and toss the trash.

3. Go shopping…at home. Now you can start filling in those blanks on your packing list. Need a couch? Try the slightly-used sleeper sofa in your folks’ basement. Check with your mom to see if she has any pots and pans or dishware she doesn’t use any more. Parents are often gracious in donating hand-me-downs, but you don’t want to rob them of all their furniture and belongings, so talk to other relatives about donations. Craigslist and yard sales can also yield used furniture bargains.

4. Hire movers in advance. If you have a lot of furniture or you’re moving long distance, hire movers in advance. This preparation will save you a lot of stress down the road. Be sure to coordinate a move-in time with your new landlord and pick up the keys beforehand.

Moving out is an exciting time in any young person’s life. Enjoy the transition and have a stress-free move!

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