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There are those who spread rumors about packing and moving that would make a person think that relocating is more trouble than it what you might originally think. We’re going to debunk some of those myths that have been floating around the rumor mill to allow you a clearer mind when it comes to your next move.




Myth #1 – Moves Cannot be Planned in Advance

 First of all, this is an absolute fallacy. People who do not plan in advance with regards to their move as to how they will go about it will be worse than a bad moving experience. Those who have already experienced relocating will tell you that perhaps the most important part of the move is the planning phase. When you’re organized properly, you have a very high chance that almost nothing would go wrong for the relocation. It will ultimately save you all the time and effort when needs arise.


Myth #2 – Boxes are All the Same

 There are some who would suggest (if that’s what you call it) that using any box that you can find is practically “okay” when you’re packing your stuff. But the truth is, moving boxes are not all the same. There are professional moving boxes that are made more durable than the ones that you would normally find lying around. In fact, if you’re planning on using regular grocery boxes that you might have acquired from purchasing a bunch of food products, then they will tear apart easily if they carry around heavy items. Be smart and pack smart.


Myth #3 – Pack Everything Before Moving Day

 This isn’t necessarily the case. If you stress on the fact that everything in your home must be packed and ready before moving day, then it will put you with intense pressure (not to mention stress). There are professional movers, Golan’s Moving & Storage being a prime example, that do offer packing services to give you a helping hand in packing everything before moving day. But if you can’t move everything immediately, then you can rent a storage space from them and just specify a date when you’ll get them. This is also a part of staying organized (see how important it is?).


Simply put, don’t immediately believe what people say to you, especially when it comes to packing and moving. If there are challenges and problems, chances are that there’s a good solution for them. But if you really want to make sure that you and your family will have a smooth moving experience, then do contact Golan’s Moving & Storage today.

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