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Situated in Cook County, Illinois, Skokie and Elmwood Park are two vibrant communities, each offering its unique charm and lifestyle. While Skokie is known for its diverse culture and robust retail hub, Elmwood Park offers a more residential feel, known for its tree-lined streets and family-friendly atmosphere. Moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park with professional movers Chicago can bring about significant changes, hence the need for a detailed comparison. This guide aims to provide valuable insights on critical factors such as cost of living, real estate, job market, education, and transportation, essential to anyone considering this relocation. By the end of this guide, you’ll be better equipped to make a well-informed decision about making Elmwood Park your new home.

Cost of living: Skokie vs Elmwood Park

The overall cost of living in Skokie is generally higher than in Elmwood Park. According to data from Numbeo, as of June 2023, the Consumer Price Index (excluding rent), an indicator of the general cost of goods and services, is about 5% higher in Skokie. When we break it down, grocery prices are relatively similar in both towns. However, healthcare and utility costs are noticeably higher in Skokie, contributing to the increased cost of living. For example, the cost of a standard doctor’s visit in Skokie is roughly 10% higher compared to Elmwood Park, and utility costs can be about 15% higher.

A person holding dollar bills
When moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park, the cost of living is an important factor to consider

These differences in costs have implications for the disposable income of residents. Higher costs in Skokie might mean less money for discretionary spending or saving. Conversely, lower costs in Elmwood Park could allow for greater financial flexibility after relocating with one of the moving companies in Elmwood Park, particularly for families or those on a fixed income. These are important considerations for anyone thinking about moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park. Ultimately, your cost of living will depend on your lifestyle, consumption habits, and personal needs.

Real estate market: Making a wise investment

In Skokie, the median home value, as of June 2023, stands at around $325,000. Rental properties, on the other hand, cost about $1,500 per month for a standard two-bedroom apartment. Property taxes in Skokie are relatively high, reflecting the town’s comprehensive public services and robust school system. Contrastingly, if you use movers Skokie to relocate you to Elmwood Park, you will enjoy offers more affordability. The median home value is approximately $245,000, and the average rent for a similar two-bedroom apartment is around $1,200. Elmwood Park’s property taxes are slightly lower, aligning with the overall lower cost of living.

But also, when searching for a home in Elmwood Park, it’s wise to consider factors beyond price, such as proximity to schools or workplaces, neighborhood safety, and potential for property value appreciation. You might find a cheaper home, but you will not be able to relocate all of your belongings, which is why you would have to use the storage Skokie service. Therefore, engaging a local real estate agent could be beneficial as they have a deep understanding of the market trends and can help you find a property that suits your needs and budget.

Job market: Opportunities await

Both Skokie and Elmwood Park have distinctive job markets, each with its strengths. Skokie boasts a diverse economy with a strong presence in sectors such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. The town hosts several large employers like NorthShore University HealthSystem and Federal-Mogul Corporation. On the other hand, Elmwood Park, although smaller, has a vibrant job market. The economy is dominated by sectors such as education, healthcare, retail, and local government. Some of the largest employers include Elmwood Park Community Unit School District 401 and the Village of Elmwood Park.

A woman at the job interview
Before you make your move to Elmwood Park, make sure to research the job market and send your CV

As of June 2023, the median salary in Elmwood Park is approximately $52,000, slightly lower than Skokie’s median salary of around $60,000. The unemployment rate in Elmwood Park stands at 4.2%, which is relatively similar to Skokie’s rate of 4%. When job hunting in Elmwood Park, utilize local resources such as the Elmwood Park job center and online job portals. Networking can also be beneficial – consider joining local business organizations or attending community events. Tailor your resume to highlight skills relevant to the industries prominent in Elmwood Park, and be prepared to demonstrate how your expertise can contribute to the local economy.

Education: Nurturing the next generation

The quality of education is a crucial factor for families moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park. Skokie School District 68 and Elmwood Park Community Unit School District 401 both offer excellent educational opportunities but differ in several aspects. Skokie’s schools are renowned for their high academic performance, diversity, and range of extracurricular activities. On the other hand, Elmwood Park School District, though smaller, provides a close-knit community feel and focuses on students’ personal and academic development.

According to GreatSchools, Elmwood Park schools average a 6/10 rating, with Skokie schools slightly higher, averaging 7/10. Notably, Elmwood Park’s John Mills Elementary School and Elm Middle School are recognized for their engaging academic programs. When it comes to higher education, proximity to Chicago allows residents easy access to esteemed institutions such as Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and DePaul University.

Transportation: Getting around with ease

Transportation is another key consideration when moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park. Skokie offers a robust public transportation network, including the CTA Yellow Line and numerous bus routes, making commuting to downtown Chicago relatively straightforward. However, commute times can vary significantly depending on traffic conditions. Elmwood Park also offers excellent public transportation options, with Metra rail service and several Pace bus lines. The average commute time is approximately 30-40 minutes to downtown Chicago.

Train track subway
Both Skokie and Elmwood Park have good transportation system

Elmwood Park is known for its residential character and less congested streets, providing easier parking than in Skokie. The village has taken strides to improve its bike infrastructure, adding bike lanes on major streets. With a walkability score of 68/100 according to Walk Score, Elmwood Park is considered “somewhat walkable,” meaning some errands can be accomplished on foot.

Making the move from Skokie to Elmwood Park

Moving from Skokie to Elmwood Park offers potential benefits. This includes a lower cost of living, more affordable real estate, and a comparable job market. While Elmwood Park has slightly lower median salaries, the reduced living costs could provide a balanced lifestyle. Both districts offer solid education options, and transportation accessibility is similar. But every individual’s or family’s needs will vary. So it’s important to delve deeper into these areas based on your specific circumstances. Use this guide as a starting point and continue to explore these factors to ensure a successful move to Elmwood Park.

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