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The time for moving has come. You have to make sure that you prepare and execute everything according to plan. Moving from Des Plaines to Evanston is the same thing. Even though you do not have a ton of miles to cover, it is still something you should be very careful about. Thinking about hiring a good Des Plaines moving company is one thing, but it is not everything. There are many more things to think about rather than this. So, let’s make sure that you understand what to expect when relocating to Evanston from Des Plaines. This is half the job!

Before moving from Des Plaines to Evanston, make sure that you understand everything

  • A bigger city
  • More options
  • Better lifestyle

A bigger city

Relocating to Evanston from Des Plaines will mean that you are moving into a bigger city. Even though this is quite obvious, many people underestimate this matter. Living in a bigger city will bring some changes, some of them can be big. Yes, the difference may not be that big on paper, but you will feel it in reality. Naturally, this has both pros and cons and you should know that nothing is always all black or all white. Except in the case of Evanston movers which you want to have by your side when moving. They are either good or not!

More options

This is certainly something that you want to hear. Moving into a bigger city usually means better and more options when it comes to almost everything. But, naturally, finding a job is a top priority. You should not have too many problems with this here. Of course, it will require time for you to find it and you should not take it lightly. On the other hand, if you want to expand your education, you should know that you will have the perfect chance here. But, getting here is the first thing that you need to do. There are so many options, but you want the right one for you. Find and contact moving professionals that will grant you your wish to live and work in Evanston.

northwestern university is a good reason to consider moving from Des Plaines to Evanston
Opportunities are many, you just have to find them

Better lifestyle

Relocating from Des Plaines to Evanston will make some changes in your life. But, most of them are good. Lifestyle is way better in Evanston and you should not have problems adapting. People earn more and that is certainly something that you want to hear. Also, Chicago is quite close and you can always go there for whatever reason and whenever you want. This is certainly something that is making you even more willing to move to Evanston. Just make sure that you do not start on the wrong foot. That means that you need the right movers, like Golan’s Moving & Storage, that will take care of everything that you want to move. The great thing is that the distance between Des Plaines and Evanston is not that big so you should not have too many problems along the way!

women laughing
A better lifestyle is definitely a big change

Is Evanston a big change in comparison to Des Plaines?

All in all, the move from Des Plaines to Evanston will bring some changes to your life. The city of Evanston has become a big part of Illinois in the last few years. More and more people are moving here and that is certainly a good sign. Living in Evanston will bring you more towards a ‘big city’ feel, even though Evanston has just around 80000 residents. This is certainly a step forward and we guarantee that you will not turn back once you are gone from Des Plaines.


It is not easy to relocate to another place, no matter how close it may be. Moving from Des Plaines to Evanston is the same thing. These two places are not that far away but there is a big difference between them. A life in Evanston will bring you new things to experience. It is certainly something that you should consider in the future. Once you make the decision, you should just make sure that you have the right overs by your side. After that, everything is on you!

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