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Are you planning to move to Elmwood Park from Des Plaines soon but don’t know what to expect? Well, if your answer is yes, this is just the article you need to read. Here you will find out how you can adequately prepare for your upcoming move, and what you can expect from these beautiful places. Movers Chicago can help you with the moving process, while you read more about moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park. Here are some interesting facts you should know.

Do research before moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park

This is perhaps the most important thing you need to do. Before you move anywhere, you would want to know more about the places you will visit. It can be hard to do it if you are moving for the first time. And that is why you need to have certain questions ready to explore the places you want to call your home. For example:

  • Some basic information
  • What’s the weather like
  • How good are the schools
  • Is the job market good
  • The real estate prices
a couple before moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park
Before moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park make sure to read more about these places

These are some of the most important questions you need to ask about any place before you want to move out. And with it, you will be ready to move in no time at all. You could even call local movers Chicago. With the help of professionals, you will be able to move easily and without any delays.

What can you expect from Elmwood Park?

Elmwood Park is a beautiful Chicago suburb. It is a place where a lot of different cultures meet. And that is why local residents love living here. There are almost 25,000 people calling this place home, and they love it. With all the things you can do and enjoy,  you will certainly find your home here. There are many young professionals who love working and living in Elmwood Park. It is a place that can offer you a lot of opportunities. All you have to do is grasp them. What you can expect from this place is the following:

  • The Chicago weather is hot-summer humid continental weather. That means that all seasons are represented. Make sure to learn how to properly acclimate to the weather if you are moving from a different climate.
  • Schools in Elmwood Park are highly rated and there are one of the most sought. Some of the best schools you can enroll your kid in are: Jones College Prep High School, Elm Middle School, Elmwood Park High School, and many more
  • When it comes to jobs, the biggest employers in Elmwood Park are Starbucks, Sherwin-Williams, Staples, and Verizon Wireless.
  • The median home value is set at $267,000 while the rent is around $1,200
a key in the door
There are many beautiful and affordable homes in Elmwood Park

With this information, you will be able to move here in no time at all. And not only that, but you will know what to expect from this place. And as far as the moving process goes, the best thing you can do is hire moving companies in Elmwood Park. This way you will know that your items are handled by a professional moving company, while you focus on what you can do here after the move.

People are still moving to Des Plaines

Did you know that this lovely town in Illinois has a population of almost 60,000 residents? It is also a part of Cook County and people really enjoy living here. Mostly because this place offers a lot of nice things you can do. Starting from great jobs, affordable real estate, good health care, education, and many others. You will also notice that there are many young professionals here as well as retirees. It is a town meant for everyone. And most importantly it is not that different from Elmwood Park. Therefore, moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park should not be a big change when it comes to the quality of lifestyle:

  • The climate in Des Plaines is fairly nice. Summers are warm and wet, but winters could be freezing.
  • Schools are great, and many people really love that their kids are attending them. Some of the best schools you can enroll your kids in include John Heresy High School, Glenbrook South High School, and Prospect High School
  • There are many jobs you can find in Des Plaines, and you would be glad to know that the biggest employers here are: SGK, Prospect Airport Services, DSC Logistics, and many more
  • The median home value here is $267,000 while the rent is $1,200
an airplane on a runway
Prospect Airport Services is one of the biggest employers here

As you can see Des Plaines is an amazing place to live. Still, if you decide to hire Des Plaines movers and relocate to Elmwood Park you will not make a mistake. Both places have a lot to offer, and most importantly you will not feel the difference in your budget because of the similar housing options and prices.

Moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park is easier if you prepare first

Now that you know what to expect from both of these places, you can get ready for your move. There are several things that you need to do before moving out, and some of these moving tasks include things like:

  • Hiring professional movers for your move. And you need to learn what kind of moving services they can provide you with. For example, moving heavy and expensive furniture is best done by furniture movers Chicago.
  • Have enough packing supplies for your move that you can pack everything safely
  • See if you can ask your friends to help you out
  • Pack everything
  • Move

There are many things to consider when moving from Des Plaines to Elmwood Park. From searching for a new home, and organizing the relocation process to settling into your new home there are a lot of tasks that you will have to complete. Therefore, make sure to be certain that this relocation is right for you and start organizing it on time.



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