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Every move is equally strenuous. Whether you are moving to another continent or moving across the street in Chicago! You have to transfer everything you have from one place to another. And that’s further complicated if you have a bunch of furniture, children’s toys, clothes and strollers, cribs, and other children’s equipment.

Even if you are a student who has a suitcase of things, it is very important that you bring everything, that you organize transfers, even if you only have one armchair. Because of that, it is always good to have guys from Golan’s Moving & Storage with you who will remind you of all this and help you with it. When you move, keep in mind that it doesn’t just mean taking things away. Even if you are moving across the street or at the end of the world, you will have to work hard to make the move.

How do you decide if you need to hire help when moving across the street in Chicago?

These are the items you need to pay attention to if you are moving and are unsure whether to do it yourself or with the help of a professional:

  • Time period
  • Moving equipment and abilities
  • Budget
  • Quantity of things
  • Help

Time is always a big deal when moving is about to happen

There are often situations when you know how to move months in advance, and you have time to slowly pack item by item. But when that’s not the situation and you have to move out of your current domain within a few days or weeks, that can be a problem. Don’t be fooled, even when you move to the same street in Chicago, you need time to pack adequately, so that everything stays undamaged and so that you don’t forget something.

You are employed full-time and have children or are studying? It is very likely that you will not be able to pack on your own and on time. If you don’t have time to pack your household then it’s time to call professionals so you can work carefree or spend time with the kids while others pack your things.

Woman writing in calendar
If you don’t have enough time, call professionals!

Do you even know how to move alone?

If after this question you already thought you have no idea where to start, it’s time to call Chicago area movers, and solve the problem with the help of people who know what they are doing! If you are still hesitant or do not know the answer, let’s consider it. Ask yourself if you know where you would order equipment like boxes, duct tape, bubble wraps, furniture pads, and a dolly. As well as do you know how to pack what so that it would not be damaged. If your answer is no, you need the help of a professional. If the answer is yes, another important question remains – how will you transport it even though you are moving only a few houses further?

Friends and family often come to the rescue, but if there is no one to help you, nor do you have your own transportation, it would be best to turn to professionals. Remember that you can always hire only packing staff or just a transport service, and do the rest. Think carefully about what you can / know how to do and then decide.

Take care about your piggy bank when moving across the street in Chicago!

Another important factor when considering hiring professionals when moving to the same neighborhood is your budget! Each of the services costs a certain amount of money, so it would not be bad to contact relocation agencies to give you an adequate estimate of your relocation. Depending on which service you want, your price will be different. If you want to save money, definitely move alone. And also, you can always hire guys for only one of the services. For example, if you don’t know how to move a couch, you can hire furniture movers Chicago or if you don’t know how to pack things properly, you can hire them just for packing, not the entire moving service.

Money, change and calculator on the desk
Do you want to save money or time?

Quantity and bulkiness of the things

It is a common situation that small stations have more things than large three-story houses. That is why it is important to make a list of things that are worn, sold/given away and that go to waste before moving. In this way, you will significantly reduce the number of your belongings and thus the volume of moving. To be honest, you don’t really need everything in the house, do you?

Also, if you have a lot of furniture that is bulky and that you can’t even move, let alone take out of the apartment, you will certainly have to ask for help. If there is someone to help you, friends or family, the matter is resolved. If not – you know, call a professional! After you do this, based on the new list/number of things, decide whether to do it yourself or leave it to the hands of people who know what they are doing.

Are you alone in the moving process?

This is another important thing when you move to a new home in Chicago. Do you do everything yourself? Do you have close friends, neighbors, or family in Chicago to help you? Every pair of hands is of great importance, whether it is packaging or transport. It is even better if there are more of you. Moving with friends can be stress-free and with a lot of fun! If you live alone and do not have anyone who would accept such a job, you must rely on the intelligence agencies.

Couple having fun while moving across the street in Chicago
If you have partners or friends that can help, that is a great deal!

As stated at the beginning, every move is a big move. Even if it was just a suitcase, it was the whole process. When you are moving across the street in Chicago, you will surely find yourself in a situation to hesitate – alone or with the help of professionals? Make a list, follow and consider the important factors and decide easily and quickly!c

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