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Moving, in itself, is already a difficult challenge to behold. Figuring out to move across the country can even put those levels of stress to critical levels. There are so many different parts of moving across the country that you are left with tons of things to worry about, and packing your clothes and other belongings are the least of your problems. You would need to get in touch with logistics, constantly get in touch with your real-estate agent to check up on the house found in another city, and perhaps most importantly, calculating your spending allowance for the entire ordeal.



  • The first thing to do, as with any moving experience, is to start “moving” the moment you get a hold of the news. If you’re going to wait until later, then you’re going to have to cram all the things you need to do; and cramming is definitely a big no-no when it comes to relocating. When you have more time, you will be able to rectify any dire situations properly and you would be able to take a step-by-step approach rather than running around all over the place.
  • To start getting your “behind” in gear, figure out the total mileage for the trip. It is a good idea to break down the mileage into days, or even for hours if you can. There are people who would take in the sights for each place they come across, therefore frequent stops is recorded into the plan. On the other hand, there are some who would rather get the trip over as quickly as possible.
  • Once you are able to know the total mileage that you will be using, especially for each day, it is important to look at the map to know that the routes to be taken are feasible. Looking for lodgings along the way is a great idea to incorporate in the travel plans.
  • The next thing to consider after calculating the mileage is how many times you would have to stop for gas. Simply divide how far your vehicle can go on a full tank of gas into your overall mileage and round the number up and you’ve got your estimate right there.
  • Other things to consider are tolls, lodging fees, and food (especially food). But if you want a more hassle-free move so you can deal with other tasks, consider getting in touch with Golan’s Moving & Storage. Doing so will give you an easier moving experience.

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