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There’s a lot to do when relocating—even when Golan’s Chicago movers are taking care of the actual move. Records need to transferred, closets need to be cleaned out, enrollment in new schools must be done as well as finding new doctors, dentists, vets and more.

As mentioned in previous blogs, this type of change upsets children so it’s important to make time as a family before and after the move. Watching films together is an entertaining way to open the lines of communication—not just with the DVD player, but with your kids.

Begin with TOY STORY featuring the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Don Rickles. This 1995 animated Oscar-winner centers on a boy who is preparing to move along with his toys. The film can make the idea of packing more fun for youngsters. Another youthful classic is THE KARATE KID from 1984. In this coming-of-age tale, Ralph Macchio’s character must move from New Jersey to California where he has trouble making new friends until he learns valuable martial arts skills and life lessons. After viewing, children may feel inspired to express their fears about making new friends. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN is a great follow-up since this 2003 film reveals moving perspectives from children of varying ages as Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt play parents of 12—including a daughter portrayed by Hillary Duff—who must relocate despite some reservations.

Once you’re settled into your new home, continue the family film festival with 2008’s TWILIGHT and 1987’s THE LOST BOYS. These movies about moving are geared towards tweens and teens as they follow young adults who settle into a new community in search of their new niche. Both films just so happen to involve stories about vampire loving and vampire hunting. Certainly, this is not something your son or daughter will have to deal with (hopefully!) but it may inspire a conversation about finding a new group of friends who offer a healthy influence and safe environment.

Lastly, the whole family can enjoy THE MONEY PIT with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. This 1986 comedy follows a young couple who score a great deal on an old mansion. As they begin to settle in, they realize the house is falling apart and find themselves in all kinds of slapstick situations as they try to make their house a home. This and other films will give you an opportunity to spend time with your family as you all make your house a home.

With Golan’s movers in Chicago, moving and packing can become much easier with your kids. You can look after your kids handing over responsibilities to Golan’s without worrying about whether you wish to shift homes in Chicago or California or want Los Angeles moving services, New York, locally or long distance!

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