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First-time homebuyers and renters on a budget looking to ease up on their wallets can find affordable living in various Chicago neighborhoods that begin with the letter E.

If you want to make lemonade out of lemons, Englewood offers empty lots offering homebuyers the opportunity to build new construction. As for the area’s houses in need of restoration and renovation? Well, they are available at great deals.

Close to Midway International Airport, the sky’s the limit for West Englewood inhabitants who can take advantage of the neighborhood’s transportation, public parks and affordable real estate.

Conveniently located near O’Hare International Airport, the world awaits Edison Park residents who enjoy yards, parks, schools, restaurants and a variety of architecture from bungalows to Tudors and Victorians.

With a forest preserve and Calumet Park on Lake Michigan, East Chicago is a nature-lover’s dream. The suburban-like setting combines taquerias, pizzerias and other commercial businesses with residential buildings for growing families.

First-time homebuyers, artists and entrepreneurs are attracted to the Old World charm, west-side dives, hip clubs and affording housing in Chicago’s East Village.

Of course, if you can afford a more luxurious lifestyle, you may want to consider the mini-mansions of Edgebrook. Like the smaller neighborhood of South Edgebrook, it offers forest preserves, parks, and golf courses for affluent family living.

There’s also the aptly-named Edgewater which rests on the edge of the water of Lake Michigan. With beautiful views, it’s no wonder this beachside neighborhood is popular for both residents and businesses alike. In addition to its green market, shops and restaurants, the area offers many activities from sports to theater, proving there’s something for everyone in this diverse community—including housing since condos and houses can be both affordable and pricey depending on the view, condition and included amenities.

Once you choose the right home for your bank account, Golan’s moving companies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York can help you get there without the stress of moving because they’ve been safely transporting furniture across the city, out of state, and overseas for nearly 25 years.

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