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Many people consider Chicago to be their new place of residence. However, people are often reluctant when it comes to a neighborhood where they will live in Chicago. Especially if they are moving to Chicago with their children. But you don’t have to worry if you are thinking about this big and life-changing step. Because we’ve put up a list of the most popular suburbs Chicago families are moving to. Read on and prepare for your relocation to Chicagoland.

How choose the most popular suburbs Chicago families are moving to?

If you are thinking about moving with your family to Chicago, you are going to need all the help you can get. Especially when it comes to relocating your belongings there. However, by hiring Des Plaines movers, this step will be taken care of without any problems. Then, afterward, you can commit to exploring Chicago and its popular suburbs families move to. Also, you probably already know that Chicago is notorious for all of its amazing neighborhoods and pockets of eclectic communities. Another thing that the windy city has to offer are suburbs which are fun-filled and family-friendly. Moreover, you can expect great public schools, job opportunities, and amenities if you move to one of the most popular suburbs for families in Chicago.

Family of four walking down the street
When choosing the right suburb in Chicago families want to move to, consider all the aspects.

On the top of the list of the most popular suburbs in Chicago- Western Springs

Now that you’ve booked your movers and checked the Chicago movers cost, let’s get down to business. First among the appealing and popular suburbs for Chicago families is Western Springs. With a population of 13,187 and a poverty rate of 2.2 %, this suburb is attractive for families with kids. In fact, Western Springs is arguably one of the best Chicago suburbs to live in with your family. Another great fact is that most people in this suburb are wealthy, with an average income of $150,880 per year. But for families with kids, maybe an even more important fact is that this suburb has a very low crime rate. Which is particularly a plus for young families moving to Chicago.

Round Lake- another great suburb in Chicago for families to move to

With many other young families, Round Lake is yet another nice place to live outside of Chicago. It has a total population of around 18,444, with a population under 5 of 10.4% and a married population of 61.7%. These facts make Round lake a suburb with the highest rate of children under 5 years as well as of the youngest married couples. However, one of the downsides of this suburb is that schools there aren’t as great as those from other suburbs on our list. However, be open-minded and explore all of your options before you decide to move with help from packing services Chicago.

Consider Lake Forest as a suburb for your family

Another great option for you and your kids is moving to Lake Forest, one of the Chicago suburbs. It has a total population of 80,070 and a median age of 38.2, which indicates that many young people live there. Hence, if you’re looking for a place with lots of schools for your school-going kids, Lake Forest is your choice. With a total of public schools of 11 and total private schools of 4, your children will have a choice and will receive perfect knowledge. Also, you and your family can access the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan. But also, you can have fun nights and a shopping spree in Downtown Chicago. All these advantages make Lake Forest one of the most popular suburbs Chicago families are moving to. Finally, the median household income in Lake Forest grew from $155,792 to $162,117, which is also a big plus.

Daughter sitting in her mother's lap while studying
Lake Forest offers you many great schools for your children.

Buffalo Grove-  the fastest growing area in Chicago families are moving to

If you decide to move to Buffalo Grove with your family, you should know that this suburb is one of the fastest-growing. Along the way, you’ll get a suburban feel since most residents in Buffalo Grove are homeowners. But another thing that makes this suburb one of the most popular suburbs Chicago families move to is highly rated schools. But even more, this suburb offers you parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. Also, the economy of Buffalo Grove employs 22,591 people and it’s specialized in the Management of companies and enterprises. If you decide to move to Buffalo Grove with Golan’s moving and storage, you’ll make a good decision. Especially if you’re looking for a job in the scientific, tech, and finance industries. Finally, the median household income in this suburb is $101,376. All of these facts make Buffalo Grove one of the most popular suburbs Chicago families are moving to.

Swings in a park
Every good suburb should have parks for kids.

Cary- another popular suburb for families in Chicago

Cary doesn’t have a high number of young population. However, it’s best known for its highly rated schools. Here are some statistics that indicate why this suburb is one of the most popular suburbs Chicago families are moving to.

  • Cary has a rate of 9/10 in terms of student growth, college readiness, and test scores.
  • The largest universities in Cary are First Institute Inc, with 212 graduates, and Cosmetology & Spa Academy, with 110 graduates.
  • Cary has a population of married people around 62 %, which indicates that it’s appealing as a suburb Chicago families often move to.

However, we would like to point out that this suburb is quite expensive, so have that in mind before deciding. So, now that you know all the Chicago suburbs-related details, you are ready to make a final decision and take a plunge.

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