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As a young professional who is starting a new business, you want to access only the best and most profitable market. And even if you already have a thriving business, there is always a chance for expanding and similar business opportunities. One of them is to relocate to a different city and start anew. This time you have chosen the state of Illinois. But at the moment you still do not know what the most favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs is. Luckily, we are here to help you with this task. Let us provide the info on some of the best places and prepare you for the relocation. With help from one of the best Glenview moving companies, you won’t have to think about a thing. So, let’s find out where you are relocating next.

Elmwood Park is a favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs

We will begin our journey in one of the largest Chicago suburbs. There are many good neighborhoods in Chicago, and we are sure you’ll find more of them on our list. But let’s talk a bit about Elmwood Park. It is a favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs simply because it has a huge market. No matter what you are selling, manufacturing, or if you are a service provider. You will always have a steady market in this Chicago suburb. Now, if you want to live here as well, you shouldn’t buy a property unless your budget is a stretching one. Housing is more than 20% higher than the US average. Although, renting is in a far better position with only 1% higher than the national average.

Elwood Park is a favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs
As one of the largest Chicago suburbs, this might be the perfect place for you.

At least the cost of living is 3% lower than the national average which will leave the residents of Elmwood Park more space to send money your way. But in the end, you are in Chicago, and you should never fear that you won’t have a steady cash flow. This city is huge and busy, so your business is safe here as well. Check specific statistics related to your business online and if you like the result, call your movers Elmwood Park IL and make your way there.

The next stop is at Park Ridge

Park Ridge is open to many businesses out there. Especially, for healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Although, like in most urban areas, you’ll find IT companies predominant. As for the cost of living, it is a bit better than in Elmwood Park with a median home income of $105k while housing goes from $350k all the way up to millions. Renting is favorable though, especially for workspace. And as it is another Chicago suburban area with around 37k residents, you can expect to face a strong and diverse community. Such an environment is always good for business. If you like this one, contact movers Park Ridge IL and start packing.

Morton Grove is for retailers

Village of Morton Grove is Cook’s County retailer heaven. If you are owning a small business or intend to open one, this is surely a favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs. Here you will find everything from cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry, auto parts, biotech, research and development, mechanics, IT, and much more. And we are including manufacturing here as well. There are quite a few major corporate offices located here such as Kraft Foods and Avon Products. This place is fairly small, and it covers only about 5 square miles. But it still has its share of stores, offices, residential areas, and most importantly, easy access to commuter’s rail and interstate.

Suburbs of Chicago City
Morton Grove is a retailer’s heaven and the most favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs.

Commuting is easy which brings many people in and out. Some of them will be your customers in the future if you choose Morton Grove as your next destination. So, if this is a place for you, it is time for you and your movers Morton Grove IL to make your way here.


Next on our list is the smallest suburb in Chicago with slightly more than 10k residents. Lincolnwood has its share of stores, boutiques, restaurants, and coffee places. But being between Morton Grove and Park Ridge opens many opportunities for residents of Lincolnwood. It is a quiet, safe, and a bit more expensive neighborhood. You will find many great schools, playgrounds, and parks here which makes it a perfect place to settle in with your family. Although, if you have a limited budget, you won’t like seeing rents go above $2.2k while to purchase a home you must pull out more than $400k. So, the strategic location is amazing which makes this a good place to establish a business hub and distribute from there. Also, you are very close to Uptown and Edgewater which gives you access to residential and business areas of the East Coast.

This is surely a place worth investing in as long as you have a steady budget. Figure it out and prepare your relocation with your movers Lincolnwood IL. It will be a bumpy ride but definitely one worth your time.


The last one on our list is the Village of Northbrook. We will end strong with one of the best incomes per capita. This place is amazing with more than 500 acres of parks, woodlands, and other green areas. It is a tight-knit community with many great schools, shopping places, and amenities for its residents. And it will be great for your business as well.

With an appropriate budget and great ideas, you can find your market here for almost anything. After all, Chicago is vast and probably the most important business hub in Illinois. Make a decision and call your movers Northbrook IL. It is time for moving.

Man in Chicago
Stop searching for the most favorable location for your business because you have just found it. Northbrook is the key to success.

Get ready for moving to the favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs

Now when you have a list of the best neighborhoods and locations to relocate to, it is time to organize and hit the road. Create a moving checklist with all the requirements and use it as a guide along the way. The first step is to figure out how many items you must relocate. Then, obtain packing materials. And when you have time, search for reliable movers such as Golan’s Moving & Storage. Give them a call, provide basic info about your relocation, and let them assemble a moving guide for you. Also, they will provide a precise moving quote and prepare you for the journey ahead. Do it right and do it on time.

Hopefully, you will choose the favorable location in Illinois for young entrepreneurs from this list. And even if you do not, at least you know what Illinois has to offer for entrepreneurs like you. Do your own research and we are sure you’ll find the best place soon enough. Good luck.

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