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Moving in the winter has its challenges and problems. We are not saying it’s impossible, but you should be aware and prepared. The weather is cold, roads are slippery, and a lot of things can go south. However, problems that might occur during the winter relocation can be overcome. Residential movers Chicago can help you and make your winter move possible.

Houses covered in snow
Winter in Chicago is rough, so there are problems that might occur during the winter relocation

Problems that might occur during the winter relocation

Winter is a challenging time to move and Chicago is known for its rough temperatures. So it’s not strange that you might be asking yourself how will you be moving from Chicago to New York. More than 800 miles and 12 hours of driving are hard enough. There is a plus to a winter relocation, and that is the price. As fewer people are moving, prices might be a bit more affordable. Still, there are challenges that you will face:

  • Finding a new home. Not a lot of people will be selling or renting a house in the winter. We recommend that you start looking way in advance, and avoid problems that might occur during the winter relocation
  • The weather. The roads are slippery, and you have a long drive ahead. There could be blizzards and storms. Just packing in your van with icy driveways will make your relocation hard.
  • Transporting fragile items. The safe transportation of fragile items is another significant challenge during winter moves. This can include glass items, electronics, musical instruments, etc. You should get moving boxes Chicago, regardless of the weather, if you want your belongings to arrive safely and in one peace.
Packing well will resolve problems that might occur during the winter relocation
When packing for your move, pack winter clothes last as you will most likely wear them till the last day in your old home

Moving in cold weather

Despite some of the downsides, moving in the winter can have its blessings. There are fewer people moving; therefore, the best movers in Chicago are less busy and so can be more flexible about moving dates. By following our recommendations below, you will be able to overcome all the challenges fairly easily.

If you are driving to a distant location, watch out for storms that can make high elevations and mountain passes treacherous. Make more than one plan if you have to travel a long distance. Have two plans in place. One can be the safest route and another can be the shortest- decide on the go and account for weather conditions in Chicago and its surroundings.

How to avoid problems that might occur during the winter relocation

Before the move, prepare your car. During winter, they are more likely to break down. So bring an emergency supply kit. Before you hit the road, check if your insurance is still viable. Also, allow extra time for your move as many things can happen unexpectedly. Last but not least, wear layers. If anything happens, you will want to have a nice warm sweater with you. We hope that we helped with some tips on how to resolve problems that might occur during the winter relocation. Good luck!

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