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While Golan’s movers can safely transport your items, a purrfect move for your cat is up to you. Since most felines fear travel, you’ll have to begin prepping them for the journey. If you already have a carrier, pull it out of storage and place it where your cat has access to it. In time, kitty should begin hanging out inside the carrier—an essential step that will enable you to easily coax your cat into the carrier come moving day.

Whether your cat is traveling by car or plane, make sure travel identification and rabies tags are firmly attached to kitty’s collar. If your veterinarian prescribed a sedative, follow directions for administering it prior to travel. Also, check with your vet to see if your cat is fit enough for the journey—especially if they’re flying. The Animal Welfare Act prohibits air transportation of kittens less than eight weeks old and prior to weaning.
If your cat is being shipped via air freight, follow airline instructions carefully once you make the reservations.

Secure a regulated shipping cat carrier two weeks prior to departure. If your pet’s flight precedes yours, make pick-up and boarding arrangements. Be sure your consignee has complete flight schedule and name of airport where pet will arrive.

On the departure date, bring your cat to the air terminal two hours before flight time. Feed kitty no less than five or six hours before flight time and give your cat a drink of water about two hours before take-off.

In addition to securing data firmly to your cat’s collar, attach the same information to your cat’s carrier. And make sure the carrier is securely latched! Also, double-check that all transportation charges are paid and your cat’s health and shipping documents in order.

When traveling by car, bring along a water bottle and bowl, blanket, toy, treats, food and a towel/paper towels. If you must leave your cat in the car during warm weather, park in the shade, open all the windows one inch, leave water, and check on pet every hour. If the temperature is hot, don’t leave your cat in the car at all! For overnight travel, make advance reservations at hotels that permit pets.

Lastly, to avoid cat claws-trophobia, sooth your pet by gently saying everything is okay and soon this journey will be hiss-tory!

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