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Packaging of products has been in use for quite some time now. Regular stores have always used packaging in one form or another, but when it became important when shipping it became a serious industry. When shipping products internationally, the package plays a crucial role in preserving the product. Only a product in good shape will result in satisfied customers. Moving is no different, you need to pack items properly to get them to your new home in good condition. That’s why our Chicago moving and storage experts advise you to use one of the materials most commonly used in packaging.

What are the materials most commonly used in packaging?

The most used materials are usually the best ones. They are affordable and do their job well. Packaging materials come in various shapes and sizes, but some are better for certain situations than others. For example, you may find many moving boxes in Chicago, that are great for moving, but they might not be a good option for transporting frozen goods. The materials most commonly used in packaging for different industries are:

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Plastic
Picture of one of the materials most commonly used in packaging
The role of packaging materials is to keep the product safe

Cardboard and paper

Cardboard and paper is without a doubt the most frequently used packaging material. The cardboard is sturdy, durable and it is a preferred choice for the primary package. The majority of products that you can find in your grocery store will have cardboard packaging. The second, less durable option is paper, which also gives a good layer of protection. If you were looking for Chicago packing supplies you could certainly find packing paper to be one of the preferred packing materials.


Even though plastic use is quite controversial nowadays, people still widely use it. PET and HDPE plastic is the most commonly used ones for producing plastic bottles and others containers. For moving purposes, bubble wrap is made out of LDPE, which is sadly not recyclable.

Biodegradable and recyclable materials are the future

Nowadays, people put a lot of effort into the rising pollution problem. Pollution is a burning problem on a global level, and packaging greatly contributes to that. Since humanity cannot stop using packaging altogether, we can switch to greener options. In the last 10 years, people put a lot of effort into this, resulting in many biodegradable and recyclable materials coming into existence. Cellulose, mushroom, and cornstarch packaging are all green alternatives, that you can easily compost. When it comes to moving, biodegradable packing peanuts, organic fabric, and corrugated cardboard are the future. All moving services Chicago should opt for using these materials, as many already do in an effort to reduce their footprint.

Picture of a labeled piece of paper
Some of the materials most commonly used in packaging should be biodegradable and recyclable ones

As you can see, the materials most commonly used in packaging aren’t as sustainable as they should be. But industries used these materials for decades, and it is difficult to change habits. But with enough effort, things can get better, and we can do business without damaging our planet in the process. Using sustainable packaging is a big step in that direction, and we should all aim to do it.

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