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Making mistakes is OK. It is in human nature. However, we should always strive at improving ourselves and not making easily avoidable mistakes. To illustrate, we will ask you a question. Have you ever moved house with one of the long-distance movers Chicago can offer and forgotten something? If the answer is yes, it is unlikely that you will repeat the same long-distance moving mistakes next time. In order to prevent as many things as possible from happening (again or for the first time), we will discuss the most common mistakes.

Wrong movers: top of the long-distance moving mistakes

Rule No 1 for every relocation is to find reputable movers. This is a truly tricky task as you need to have advanced research skills. You can ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. At least three of them must have some experience. For example, one of them suggests Golan’s Moving and Storage as a good moving company. When you hear that, go to the respective agency’s website and check the info there. Call them, make an appointment, and ask them anything you want to know about their offers.

A person using a laptop
Look into details. Spend some time searching for a reliable moving company. It is can be rather difficult.

You have to open your eyes wide and look for details. There are numerous fraudulent movers and one of the worst mistakes while moving long-distance is to find that out late. Compare the offers of different companies. Don’t easily accept the cheapest one or think that the most expensive rate necessarily ensures the best quality. Rogue movers often overcharge their customers and deliver poor-quality services, if they deliver any service in the end.

Packing mistakes while moving long-distance

Most people find packing for the move one of the worst nightmares. However, the point is in a good organization and an efficient plan. You have to be realistic, balance the budget, and know your goals. In order to skip the wrong steps during long-distance moves, you should start preparing early enough. Learn about some tips for organizing the packing process and get your stuff ready for the move. Don’t take shortcuts as longer and more detailed ways are much safer. These are the biggest issues:

  1. packing everything without a plan and checklist
  2. a lack of packing equipment, material, and supplies
  3. not getting rid of unnecessary things as one the top long-distance moving mistakes
  4. moving without a bag or suitcase with the essentials
Moving boxes, pizza, and a bottle
Start packing on time and get enough packing supplies. When the moving day comes, you will have time to enjoy as everything will be ready.

Not making a moving inventory list

One of the worst things that can happen during the packing process is to get disorganized. In order to avoid stress about making long-distance moving mistakes while packing, it is essential to create a moving inventory list. Divide it into separate parts, each one belonging to one of the rooms. Then, write down every item you are going to move. Add some details regarding which box or bag each item is in. That way, you will keep an eye on everything.

Not having enough packing supplies

Well, this is not the worst thing to happen, but one of those on the downside. If you are packing by yourself, you have to estimate how many boxes, bags, and other packing equipment you need. And if you lack in them, make sure to get some additional supplies you need for relocation quickly so that the moving process doesn’t prolong. Moreover, a completely wrong step during long-distance moves would be trying to pack everything in a small number of boxes. Thus, you can cause irreparable damage to your belongings. 

Overpacking as one of the long-distance moving mistakes

When planning how to pack, you should wonder: “Do I need all this stuff in my new home?” And then you can start decluttering. What is more, you can sell some items in your yard and earn some money. The silliest mistakes while moving long-distance are to pack tons of items, pay for such weight (and additionally for mileage), only to get rid of them later when you realize not all of them fit in the new home. For that reason, know what you need and part with those things that are not necessary anymore. 

Forgetting to pack a moving essentials bag

Since your move is going to last for a day or even longer, you shouldn’t pack everything inside the boxes. You will need some things on the road and for the first couple of days in your new house or apartment. Not bringing them is one of the typical wrong steps during long-distance moves in the USA. What do you really need by your side? Maybe a wallet, keys, a cellphone, some clothes, a toothbrush, soap, chargers, medications, etc. 

Critical long-distance moving mistakes with budgets

You ought to plan your moving budget carefully. Try to predict even the unpredictable expenses. Many people forget about having to pay for refreshments, food, or even accommodation during the move. 

A couple planning the move in details on a laptop to avoid long-distance moving mistakes
Plan your move and budget wisely! You wouldn’t like to spend far more than expected.

What is more, some moving companies charge extra fees for certain services. Don’t fall into the trap of not reading the fine print in contracts, which belongs to a group of the most frequent mistakes while moving long-distance in the United States. You can easily end up paying through your nose for services other than transporting the belongings.

Needless to say, insurance is a must. Find an insurance package that satisfies you the most. It is really necessary as it helps you in case of damaged, broken, or lost items. Many movers offer insurance together with their services. 

Let’s sum up the basics

You ought to pay attention to three things. Those are researching, organizing, and budgeting. Lead by those principles, you won’t make the long-distance moving mistakes that cause headaches. With a good plan, a reputable moving company, and hard work, everything will be a piece of cake for you. 

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