We are now offering online video moving estimate surveys as a convenience to our valued customers.

Please read the following information carefully. One of the two options must be chosen before the movers can begin. The two optional levels of liability are not insurance agreements governed by state insurance laws, but instead are authorized under Released Rates Orders of the Surface Transportation Board of the US DOT.

Golan’s employs professional movers who will take all precautions in preparing and moving your belongings.

Since Golan’s cannot control whether proper packing methods were used on boxes not packed by our staff (packed by owner or PBO), liability is limited to actual evidence of negligent handling. Golan’s may decline a claim on any box PBO, for which no exterior damage is visible. In addition, except in cases of negligence, Golan’s will not be held liable for the internal functioning of electronic or mechanical items, regardless of who packed or unpacked them. Pressboard, particleboard, or engineered ready-to-assemble wood generally may not withstand normal moving procedures, such as disassembly or reassembly. We may deny any responsibility for items made of this material or for inherent vice.

In addition, Golan’s will not be responsible to disassemble and / or reassemble treadmills, ellipticals and other related exercise equipment. The design and hardware of these items are not universal, making it difficult to offer a generic “disassembly and reassembly” service. Also, the electronic components (which also need to be disconnected and reconnected) add another level of complexity related to their proper handling. We recommend that you attempt to service the item yourself or have a qualified vendor perform the service. If after evaluating the risks you would like Golan’s to proceed with the task, you will be asked to sign a Release of Liability. This form will release Golan’s Moving from any liability related to disassembly, moving and reassembly treadmills, ellipticals and related exercise equipment.

Golan’s recommends checking with your homeowners or renters coverage to determine the extent to which your household goods may be covered during the course of your move.

Golan’s Moving & Storage, Inc. provides two coverage options: Limited Liability and Full Value Protection.


Under this option the maximum liability of the carrier is limited to $0.60 per pound per article, in the event of damage or loss. This is the most economical option, as there is no additional charge for this level of liability.

Example: If an item weighing 20 lbs. was lost or damaged, the carrier would be liable to the customer for $12.00, (20lbs. x $0.60 = $12.00).


Under this option, articles that are lost, damaged or destroyed must be (at the mover’s option) either repaired, replaced with like items, or a cash settlement will be made for the current market value. A deductible may apply.

The minimum valuation liability is $6.00 times the weight of the shipment, estimated or actual, whichever is greater. For example, if the estimated weight of your shipment is 4000 lbs. the minimum liability you can declare is $24,000. (4000 lbs x $6.00 per lb.)

Liability in excess of the minimum can be declared. We recommend you choose a level that accurately reflects the value of the shipment.

High value articles (items in excess of $100 per pound) should be declared on the day of the pick-up by itemizing these objects on the inventory forms our movers will prepare. The movers liability will not exceed $100 per pound, unless specifically declared by the shipper.

Please see the next page (or reverse) for rate information.

  • Please refer to the chart below for FVP rate information. The minimum liability you can declare is the estimated weight of the shipment multiplied by $6.00.


$250 DEDUCTIBLE $500


1,000 $6,000 $144 $98 $47
2,000 $12,000 $240 $113 $66
3,000 $18,000 $360 $169 $98
4,000 $24,000 $480 $226 $165
5,000 $30,000 $600 $282 $198
6,000 $36,000 $720 $338 $231
7,000 $42,000 $840 $395 $264
8,000 $48,000 $960 $451 $330
9,000 $54,000 $1,080 $508 $396
10,000 $60,000 $1,200 $564 $462
11,000 $66,000 $1,320 $620 $528
12,000 $72,000 $1,440 $677 $594
13,000 $78,000 $1,560 $733 $633
4,000 $84,000 $1,680 $790 $694
15,000 $90,000 $1,800 $846 $726
16,000 $96,000 $1,920 $902 $792
17,000< $102,000 $2,040 $959 $858
18,000 $108,000 $2,160 $1,015 $924
19,000 $114,000 $2,280 $1,072 $990
20,000 $120,000 $2,400 $1,128 $1,050

Important information regarding your liability options: “This cost estimate includes Full Value Protection based on a valuation amount equal to $6.00 multiplied by the weight (in pounds) of your shipment, subject to a minimum valuation amount of $6000. If you wish to declare a higher value for your shipment than the minimum amounts, that amount must be shown here:

The value of my Shipment is $______ and the cost of Full (Replacement) Value Protection based on the value I have declared will be included in my total charges.

If you wish to waive Full Value Protection and choose a lower level of protection, the estimated cost of your move will be less. This is the estimated cost of your move without Full Value Protection: $__________

Warning: If a moving company loses or damages your goods, there are 2 different standards for the company’s liability based on the types of rates you pay. BY FEDERAL LAW, THIS FORM MUST CONTAIN A FILLED-IN ESTIMATE OF THE COST OF A MOVE FOR WHICH THE MOVING COOMPANY IS LIABLE FOR THE FULL(REPLACEMENT)VALUE OF YOUR GOODS in the event of loss of, or daamage to, the goods. This form may also contain an estimate of the cost of a move in which the moving company is liable for far less than the replacement value of your goods, typically at a lower cost to you. You will select the liability level later, on the bill of lading (contract) for your move. Before selecting a liability level, please read “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” provided by the moving company, and seek further information at the government website “www.protectyourmove.gov.”



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