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People move for work all the time. Some people even change continents just to work in the field they love. Some seek better-paid jobs while others simply want to live in a certain area and find whatever job there is. Nevertheless, we all want one thing. For our job to be paid enough to allow us to support all our needs. A sustainable job is the main goal for most of us and if we can have it in the neighborhood we love, even better. Luckily, you can and today we will provide you with a list of locations with best job opportunities in Illinois. If the state of Illinois is your destination, then we have a lot to talk about. So, before you contact Golan’s Moving & Storage company, let us first find a nice neighborhood for you and prepare you for this journey. Let’s dive right in.

Park Ridge is surely one of the locations with best job opportunities in Illinois

Most locations with best job opportunities in Illinois are located in the greater Chicago area. It is not the only place but surely the best-paid one. So, we will begin with Park Ridge. The job market is so colorful here that you won’t know where to begin. And the median income is above the national average while the housing market is favorable. Also, this neighborhood is safe and family-friendly despite being fairly big and with almost 40k residents. We highly advise you to dip your toes into the job market before contacting movers Park Ridge IL. Simply because with such a large neighborhood, you’ll have great competition. You surely must be qualified if you want to land a good job. We can tell you that you should focus on healthcare, finances, retail, and of course, IT technologies. Those areas are always looking for qualified people.

Park Ridge as one of the locations with best job opportunities in Illinois
When it comes to well-rounded neighborhoods, Illinois is full of surprises.

Elmwood Park

Now we will move to Elmwood Park. And once you realize how amazing it is, you will instantly call your movers Elmwood Park IL to teleport you there if possible. But before you do so, check out the job market online. You will realize that this place has great potential simply because it stretches over almost all job categories. And the main reason for it is the number of awesome restaurants, shopping places, coffee shops, bars, clubs, you name it. On top of being highly IT-oriented, this place is heaven for hospitality and tourism. Therefore, if this fits your description, check it out and you will be most pleased.

Northbrook IL is yet another of the locations with best job opportunities in Illinois

Northbrook is another competitive place where you’ll find a job in any category you like. With such a great number of establishments for both indoor and outdoor activities, you are bound to find a good one. And you’ll easily do so because Northbrook has a record of below 1% unemployment rate. On top of it, it has the number one income per capita on the continent. Another great thing about it is that Northbrook is green as it can get. The outdoor activities we have mentioned are plentiful due to the more than 500 acres of woodlands, parks, playgrounds, camping areas, and hiking trails. Not only that you’ll be paid better and enjoy your new job, but you’ll be able to leave a healthier life as well. Hence, contact movers Northbrook IL and start packing. Northbrook awaits!

Northbrook IL
Northbrook is one of the best areas to pursue your career in.

Morton Grove

You probably know by now that the IT sector is booming all over the place. But in some areas more than in others. For example, a nice little cozy place called Morton Grove is exactly what you need if you are working with any kind of IT technology. Moreover, the biotech industry is heavily invested here as well so if you are qualified in these areas, you are in for a threat. The median income is above the national average and the cost of living is somewhere in the middle. And of course, like in any other Chicago neighborhood, there are quite a few things to do. You’ll find many great establishments for kids and grown-ups. This means you mustn’t aim for techy positions but work wherever you like. Now, if you like this one, get in touch with movers Morton Grove IL and start heading there.


Our next stop is in Lincolnwood. Another of the locations with best job opportunities in Illinois that’s for sure. It has fewer than 10k residents and it is small, diverse, family-friendly, and safe. But what is good about it, is the strategic location. This place is despite being secluded and quiet, located only a few minutes away from the coastal area. Yes, Chicago is near but the proximity to Uptown and Edgewater opens more job opportunities.

Lincolnwood IL
Lincolnwood is a small, cozy, and family-friendly place with great job opportunities.

Not to mention that you can enjoy all the splendors beaches can bring. Living near the coastal area is good, but you’ll be far enough to stay away from all the commotion and ruckus people create while spending time on the beach. Options are great and you should check them out. And while you are at it, find reliable movers Lincolnwood IL and have them on standby. You’ll need their services once you confirm that Lincolnwood is your top choice.


The last location on the list is the Village of Glenview. Right from the start, we will tell you that you will have access to almost all business markets. But the competition is fierce because there are 45k residents in this village. Despite not all of them being employed in Glenview, there is still a lot of outsourcing. So, to be fair, we can’t even confirm how many people fill different roles in Glenview. All you must know is that you’ll be able to find an amazing job as long as you are qualified.

The income is way above the national average and so are the costs of living. You will face almost 50% higher prices on everything. But that is something you’ll have to live with you if you want to relocate to one of the most promising Illinois neighborhoods. And when you decide, call your Glenview moving companies to secure a safe and pleasant moving experience.

Now you know enough, and you are ready to visit all locations with best job opportunities in Illinois we have on our list. The best way to determine if a neighborhood is for you is to visit it. Do so and you will complete this guide and finally make the best decision for you and your family. Good luck.

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