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Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the USA, not just in Illinois. This is an administrative center where many people from all around the world come to make their dreams come true. However, not everybody can afford to live here. There could be different reasons for this. Some people can’t afford enough to do this while some want to get away from their parents and live on their own. No matter what the reason is, living on your own near Chicago is a good thing if you choose the right place. So, before you find affordable movers Chicago to help with the transition, make sure that you learn about the best places where you can live near this great city!


Skokie is a place with 67,444 residents. So, this is quite a big place, even though you will not be living in the center of Chicago this city is a great starting point for you if you are just planning to live by yourself. There are plenty of job opportunities. Some of the most common jobs here are in the sales sector (10,8%), management (10,4%), and administrative jobs (10,1%). It is lucrative for young people. When we talk about costs, the median renting value is $1,425 while the median home value is $332,765. This makes it quite affordable for young people and it is a good way to start. And if you decide to relocate there are many Skokie moving companies that can help you with transitioning here, no matter where you are moving out from. Just make the calls and make sure you get the best possible moving experience.

buildings to go to when living on your own near Chicago
Skokie will offer you a great lifestyle

Des Plaines

Another great place to live near Chicago is Des Plaines. This is a place with a similar population to Skokie, with 58,316. However, things are different in Skokie when it comes to the most common and popular jobs. The jobs where you can most money are utilities ($80,000), trade ($67,000), and administration ($67,000). This is great for young people that want to succeed on their own. The median home value is $267,970 and you will pay $1,400 for rent. As you can see, this is a more affordable place than Skokie and perfect for people that want to live on their own near Chicago. The good thing is that you can find a Des Plaines moving company for an affordable price too. Nothing will be too expensive and you will be able to live without any problems!

train station in des plaines
Get to Des Plaines and start living on your own near Chicago


The last place on this list is smaller than the other ones, with around 30,000 residents. It is also a great place for living on your own near Chicago. The costs are much more affordable. You will pay $1,150 for renting and $318,00 if you want to own a home. This is quite a good number compared to bigger places like Chicago. This means that you will find a suitable home for you here much easier than in Chicago. When it comes to jobs, things are also good. The highest paying ones are scientific services ($62,255) and waste management services ($60,000). It is certainly good enough for you if you want to lead a comfortable life. Movers are also quite affordable so you should have no problems finding the right movers Niles IL for the right price. They are always willing to negotiate and you can make sure that you get the best possible price!

Why is living near Chicago better than living in Chicago?

When you are young and you want to live in a big place like Chicago, you may have to make some changes. It is vital to understand why you should consider nearby places as your new place of living. The median home value is $335,000. This is a much higher value than in the nearby places like Skokie, Niles, and Des Plaines. Even if you choose to rent, you will pay around $2,224.  However, living in places near Chicago will not restrict you from anything. Also, moving to Chicago is more expensive than moving to smaller places. It is easier too. If you get several moving quotes Chicago, you will see why we say this. Get to smaller places and live your life. You will still be right there, ready to go to Chicago if you really need it. This is the perfect solution!

Nowadays living on your own near Chicago is not a problem. The commute is great and you will lead almost the same lifestyle as you would in the city of Chicago. The is one big difference that we have focused on, the expenses. You will have to pay much lower and it will certainly make your life much better, especially if you are on a budget!






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