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Des Plaines and Glenview are vibrant towns located in Illinois, each boasting its unique character and amenities. Des Plaines, fondly known for its rich history, offers a blend of tradition and modernity. Just a short drive away lies Glenview. A town renowned for its picturesque landscapes and a community steeped in a rich cultural heritage. When contemplating a move between these two charming locales, it is essential to delve into the lifestyle differences between Des Plaines and Glenview. Once you are aware of what awaits you in your new community, all that you would have to do is find affordable movers Chicago and relocate to your new home with ease.

Cost of living differences

If you decide to relocate to Des Plaines with your chosen Des Plaines moving company, you should know that it generally offers more budget-friendly living options compared to Glenview. For instance, the average home price in Des Plaines is around $285,000, while homes in Glenview tend to be pricier, averaging around $550,000. Rental prices show a similar trend. A one-bedroom apartment in Des Plaines goes for about $1,100 per month, while in Glenview, it’s approximately $1,400 per month.

A wallet with dollar bills
Overall, Des Plaines is more affordable than Glenview

Shopping for daily needs can be slightly more economical in Des Plaines, with grocery items being about 5-10% cheaper compared to Glenview. However, dining out might cost somewhat the same in both areas, with a meal at a mid-range restaurant priced at about $15-20 per person. It should be noted that Glenview offers more upscale amenities and generally has a higher median income, which contributes to its higher cost of living. Des Plaines, on the other hand, offers more affordable options, making it a good choice for budget-conscious residents.

Residential life differences between Des Plaines and Glenview

In Des Plaines, you’ll find a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, apartment complexes, and townhomes. More affordable choices, compared to nearby areas, attract a mix of residents, including young professionals and families. Glenview showcases a luxurious range of housing options. Spacious single-family homes, upscale condos, and modern townhouses are prevalent. The housing scene here leans towards the higher end, attracting well-established professionals and retirees seeking a comfortable lifestyle.

As for the community vibes, Des Plaines gives off a friendly and welcoming aura, where neighborhoods have a community-centered approach. It is a place that values convenience and accessibility, offering a relaxed lifestyle to its residents. On the other hand, if you use one of the Glenview moving companies to relocate you to Glenview, you will notice that it exhibits a more upscale vibe with a focus on luxury and comfort. The community is tight-knit, with neighborhood events often focusing on fostering connections and promoting a high quality of life. It offers a tranquil environment, with beautifully landscaped neighborhoods and parks, making it a peaceful retreat for its residents.

Job market and economic growth

In Des Plaines, the job landscape is diverse, offering roles in sectors such as manufacturing at companies like Honeywell and healthcare, including positions at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. Small to medium enterprises add to the city’s economic stability, inviting a mix of professionals and artisans to build careers there. It’s a locale where steady growth is a hallmark, fostering a community where stability and moderate living are achievable. Glenview stands as a powerhouse in the economic landscape, supported heavily by finance and professional service sectors. Firms like Wespath Benefits and Investments offer high-end job opportunities, drawing in professionals seeking lucrative careers. The presence of such companies elevates the standard of living, catering to a populace that enjoys a higher disposable income and a more luxury-oriented lifestyle.

A woman having an online interview
At the moment, Glenview offers more job opportunities than Des Plaines

Looking at them side by side, Glenview has seen a faster pace in economic evolution, backed by infrastructure investments that attract high-value companies and, consequently, high-paying jobs. In contrast, Des Plaines marches forward with consistent yet steadier growth, nurturing an environment favorable for both budding and established professionals.

Outdoor and recreational activities

If you are thinking of comparing moving quotes Chicago and finding movers to relocate you to one of these two places, it is important to learn about the amenities both places have to offer. Des Plaines offers a rich variety of outdoor and recreational spots, including Lake Opeka and its adjacent Lake Park, which provides a golf course, a marina, and fishing facilities. It’s a haven for active families and individuals who enjoy picnics, boating, and bird-watching. In Glenview, the outdoor scene is equally impressive, boasting the Grove National Historic Landmark, a nature preserve offering educational programs and hiking trails that weave through stunning natural habitats. Gallery Park is another attraction featuring a lake, trails, and a children’s splash pad.

Comparing the two, both areas bring forward lush green spaces and water bodies, encouraging outdoor activities and connecting residents with nature. Glenview perhaps offers a more upscale recreational experience with meticulously maintained parks and modern amenities, while Des Plaines provides a range of recreational options that are both fun and budget-friendly, appealing to a wide demographic of outdoor enthusiasts.

Entertainment and nightlife

Des Plaines offers a range of entertainment options, including the well-known Rivers Casino, where adults can enjoy a vibrant nightlife with gaming, dining, and live events. Apart from this, there are various restaurants and bars providing live music and a cozy atmosphere for a relaxed evening out. Glenview, on the other hand, caters to a family-friendly audience with entertainment options that are more laid back compared to Des Plaines. Here, you will find upscale dining experiences and movie theaters, including the popular Glenview Park Golf Club, where one can enjoy a serene evening.

People dancing in the club
Differences between Des Plaines and Glenview can be seen in the nightlife

When comparing the nightlife of Des Plaines and Glenview, Des Plaines seems to have a more bustling nightlife with a range of options for adult entertainment. Glenview, however, leans towards a quiet, refined evening experience, offering high-end dining and leisure experiences perfect for families and individuals seeking a peaceful night out. Both areas thus cater to different preferences, offering a rich yet distinct nightlife and entertainment experience.

Choose the place that will suit your lifestyle preferences

Des Plaines and Glenview, neighboring towns in Illinois, cater to distinct lifestyle preferences. Des Plaines, with its balanced economy and affordable housing options, caters well to young professionals and families on a budget, providing a mix of recreation and entertainment options, including the inviting Lake Opeka. Glenview, meanwhile, leans towards a more luxurious lifestyle with upscale housing, high-end job opportunities, and refined recreational spots like The Grove. Choosing between the two largely depends on individual preferences and lifestyle needs. For a vibrant, economically balanced setting, Des Plaines is a solid choice. Those seeking a serene, upscale environment might find Glenview more appealing. Consider the differences between Des Plaines and Glenview and your priorities in terms of work, housing, and leisure activities when making a choice. Both towns offer distinct charms, ready to accommodate diverse lifestyle needs and preferences.

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