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Moving to a whole new place is never easy. Especially when you are moving from a small town such as Lincolnwood to a huge city such as NYC. Preparing for such a move will take time. Also, you will not only need to prepare in the traditional sense of moving preparation. Such a big change in the environment will require mental preparation as well. It may sound unusual at first, but leaving Lincolnwood for NYC will make drastic changes in your lifestyle. You will need some time to get used to living in New York City. Luckily for you, you can decrease it by preparing yourself properly. The other way of preparing for the move is practical preparation. This implies the standard steps you need to take in order for your move to take place. You can use some good advice for this. That is why Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago, IL made an article for you about adequate preparation for leaving Lincolnwood for NYC. Let’s dig in.

Leaving Lincolnwood for NYC: The practical preparation

The best ways to practically prepare for a move are decluttering your home, and proper packing as well as making a thorough plan for your move. All of this can be done quite easily and it shouldn’t take much time. Although, you don’t want to find yourself short on time. This is why we recommend booking a move with movers Lincolnwood IL to get yourself a more affordable moving quote and more time to prepare. In any case, let’s review the necessary steps for the practical preparation of your move.

Decluttering your home and packing your belongings

Two crucial tasks in preparing for relocation are decluttering your house and packing your stuff. We advise you to begin early because decluttering might take some time. Start with one room, then after you’re done, go on to the next. Sort objects into piles for keeping, donating, selling, and throwing away. Be truthful with yourself about your needs and use. You can sell the items that are still in good shape or donate them to a good cause. Be sure to properly dispose of dangerous materials including batteries, household cleaners, and old paint. To eliminate clutter, scan vital papers and keep them online.

a box representing the packing part of leaving Lincolnwood for NYC
Packing effectively will help you prepare better for the move.

Make use of strong boxes that can support the weight of your possessions. Mark each box with the room it belongs in and what is inside of it. To cushion fragile things, use packing paper, bubble wrap, or clothes. One room at a time, and group like goods together when packing. To make heavy objects, like books, easier to lift, use smaller packaging. Consider hiring auto transportation Chicago to assist with the moving procedure if you have several goods or fragile objects. Make sure you have extra packing materials on hand, including bubble wrap, tape, and boxes. To facilitate unpacking, label boxes according to room.

Making a moving plan

Make a schedule that specifies what must be done and when. As early as you can, ideally two to three months before the relocation, begin planning. Inform your banks, utility providers, and other significant parties of your move. This entails setting up mail forwarding and changing your address with the post office. Choose a reliable moving company that can assist you with the relocation, and then employ them.

weekly planner
Making a good moving plan is the best way to prepare for a long-distance move such as this one.

Passports and birth certificates, among other crucial papers, should be stored safely during the journey to New York City. Plan for the care of your children or pets during the transfer if you have any. Do your homework on the location and make travel arrangements. This is especially important since you are moving from a small town such as Lincolnwood. This entails locating additional physicians, universities, and other crucial services.

Leaving Lincolnwood for NYC: The mental preparation

It might be a significant adjustment to move from Lincolnwood to a busy metropolis like New York City, so it’s crucial to psychologically prepare for the shift. First of all, you should be aware that New York City has a population of 8,736,047 residents, while Lincolnwood has 13,358. Also, there will be a big difference in housing costs. While the median home value in Lincolnwood is $398,500 in New York City is $660,770. Even though these are two completely different places and while moving from Chicago to New York may provide some difficulties, there are also numerous benefits. Concentrate on the next chances for new experiences, cultural exposure, and professional advancement.

a woman cutting fruit
Leaving Lincolnwood for NYC means a great difference in the lifestyle.

Make an effort to maintain contact with loved ones because relocating to a new place can be isolating. To remain in touch, make plans for visits or set up a recurring phone or video chats. Taking care of oneself is crucial since moving may be stressful. To reduce stress and have a good outlook, schedule time for self-care activities including exercise, healthy food, and self-care. It might be thrilling to try new things and meet new people when you move to a new place. Accept new experiences and be receptive to new opportunities.

Hiring a moving company to assist you with your move

Moving long distances is almost impossible to do alone. This is why hiring movers to help out is a good idea. But before you hire a moving company we suggest you research Chicago movers cost so you know what to expect. Once you do so, you can contact the movers and get your free moving estimate. Leaving Lincolnwood for NYC will be possible with the help of professional movers and their moving services. Your part in this move is proper practical and mental preparation while the movers can take care of the rest. Follow our guide and you will not have any problems preparing for your move. Happy moving!




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