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Having to move on short notice is never an easy thing. The pressure can be devastating and you may not be able to plan everything as you should. But of course, it can be done! You just need a couple of great tips that will make everything much simpler. When you have a reliable company by your side, like Golan’s Moving & Storage, you will have a much easier job. But still, leaving Chicago on short notice will not be a piece of cake and you should not think that it is going to be. We will give you a couple of tips that should be able to make it doable. Here is how to handle moving out of Chicago on short notice!

How to make leaving Chicago on short notice easier?

  • Do not panic
  • Fill your home with packing supplies
  • Hire help

Do not panic

If you panic, you will make a crucial mistake. Panic does not lead to anything good. You will just lose your mind, you will not be able to think clearly and you will most likely make a lot of mistakes. It is important that you avoid this. Yes, you will be flooded by initial stress but you need to leave it behind. You need to have a clear mind when you plan the move from Chicago on short notice. It is not important whether you are moving from Chicago to LA, or moving from Chicago to New York. The principle is always the same. Clear your mind and start thinking about planning the move properly!

a man holding his head - Leaving Chicago on short notice
Panic will not bring you anything good

Fill your home with packing supplies

There is no point in leaving this as the last moving task. If you wait until the end, you can end up with fewer packing supplies than you need them. Buying and renting moving supplies should be done ahead of time so that you could pack your items properly. Of course, it is always better to get them from licensed moving companies but since you are moving on short notice, you can go either way.

Hire help

Chicago is a major place in the US, not just Illinois. Moving out or to big places is usually much harder than moving from a smaller place. It is all because there are more obstacles that you will have to overcome. Traffic is one of the things that can make everything much trickier.

The great thing is that you can make this easier. As soon as you find out that you are going to move, you should get a moving estimate Chicago and find the right movers for the job. Professional movers can make everything easier because they know everything crucial to have a successful relocation.

a man talking on the phone
Do not move alone. Get help!

Make your moving out of Chicago less stressful

The most important thing when moving on short notice is to have the right people behind you. Stress will eat you up if you try to handle it all on your own. The city of Chicago is a place where it can become very hard to move out of. You will have to deal with crowds, traffic, a possible shortage of movers and packing supplies, etc. Problems are many and that is why it is always good to have time to plan the move. But, since you can, you will have to work twice as fast. You will have to be much more efficient if you want to be successful. That means that you will have to do all of the tips above much faster. Be sure to concentrate on the price and move towards it!


As we have said, leaving Chicago on short notice is no easy thing. It is a big source of stress and you can’t do anything about it. But, you can focus on the things that really matter. Having problems during the move is even more stressful and you should do everything to avoid it. So, be fast, be concentrated, get help, and hope for the best!

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