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The Big Apple attracts millions of people from all walks of life because of the endless possibilities of living there. Life in Chicago might be a little different from what awaits you in NYC so, here’s a short overview of things to expect when leaving Chicago for NYC.

What to expect when leaving Chicago for NYC

New York is the city that never sleeps, with so much to offer. There are so many things to see. Some most famous landmarks include:

  • Empire state building
  • Crysler building
  • Statue of liberty
  • Central park

And there are so many more attractions you can see. It can take a lifetime to explore everything NYC has to offer. And you can start sooner if you hire the best movers in Chicago that can make sure your belongings arrive as quickly as possible and in one piece.

A man waiting for a train after leaving Chicago for NYC
New York City is well connected with neighborhoods outside the city center so that you can be anywhere in no time.

One thing to expect in NYC is higher rent prices than in Chicago. If you haven’t found your new home yet, think about researching available offers online. You never know what you might find. NYC is also very well connected by the subway. To avoid higher rent prices, you can opt to live in one of the neighbors outside the city center. This can help your budget, and you can find a new neighborhood you haven’t considered before.

Packing for a move

To pack efficiently when leaving Chicago for NYC, you should get all the supplies you need in advance. The type of packing supplies you need depends on what you plan on moving. If you plan on moving big furniture long distance movers Chicago can best help you with that. You should make an inventory list to know what you’ll be bringing with you to NYC. When packing, label every box you have, and assort them according to rooms.

An open suitcasr filled with things
Packing for long-distance moves can get quite stressful.

Packing requires planning and a lot of time and effort. You can save on time by taking advantage of professional moving services Chicago that are reliable and efficient. You can always contact moving companies directly before leaving Chicago to get an accurate estimate of the relocation price.

Things to expect in NYC

Even if Chicago isn’t exactly as big as New York, you might need some time to adjust to moving from Chicago to New York. NYC is roughly 30% larger than Chicago, so you may need to get acquainted with your local area. No matter in which area in NYC you plan on living, making sure you research everything can help. Some important things to research are most definitely the best routes to go from your home to work. Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to your new neighbors and join any classes or groups to help you meet new people.

Long-distance moves require focus and patience. A big adventure is on the horizon. Hopefully, you’ll find some of the tips we shared useful, and we wish you the best of luck leaving Chicago for NYC.

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