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Renting a storage unit is always a good option if you have items that you would like to store. Also, you can use the unit if you have to relocate somewhere. You can just place your items before the move and let your Chicago moving and storage company take care of the rest. But, you can’t and should not store everything that comes to your mind. There are some rules and advice that you should consider beforehand. Here are a few of the items you should never keep in your storage unit.

What items you should never keep in your storage unit?

  • Hazardous materials
  • Food
  • Electronics

Hazardous materials

None of the hazardous materials should be placed in the storage unit. The reason is simple, bad things could happen, especially if you try to store them in the long run. Hazardous items can be anything from flammable items, toxic items, paints, etc. You should not even consider them if you are moving soon. Hazardous items are among things your movers will not move and you should not even think about it. It is best if you dispose of them because there is no other way to keep them safe.

flames - never keep in your storage unit
Hazardous and flammable items need to be avoided


Food is something that you do not want in your storage unit, especially if you rent a regular one. You can keep many items safe during summer in a climate-controlled unit but the food is not on the list. No matter how good the conditions are, food will certainly attract pests. They could damage your things and you will have financial damage.

food on the table
Never consider storing food in the storage unit


When we talk about electronics, we could say that you should not store them in your storage unit at all costs. What we mean is that electronics can survive if you have the right storage. Climate-controlled ones can make sure that your electronics survive but if you try your luck in regular units, there is a chance that they will get damaged from the heat. That is why you should always watch out which storage services you want to use. We always recommend using controlled units. They are just much safer.

Is there anything else? Of course, there is!

We could not put everything on this list, even if we tried. But, we wanted to make a list of things that people usually consider storing but they should not, even for a little while. People rent a storage unit where they place all their stuff before the move. But, it does not matter how long you store, whether you are moving to California or moving to Illinois, this is something that you should not do. It is better to throw something away than to create additional problems.


It is very important to know what to avoid storing in your storage. Everything has reasons and so does this matter. You should avoid items you should never keep in your storage unit because they could be disastrous. If you do this, you should not have any problems, no matter whether how long you store!

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