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Moving and finding a perfect place to live is always hard. However, it is especially hard when you’re a senior. An ideal place for retirement can seem like an unreachable destination, but it might be even closer than you think. This guide will show you the reasons why Morton Grove is a good place for seniors to live in. And, even moving there can be a piece of cake. With affordable movers Chicago, your new life can start as soon as possible. You just need to make that call!

Facts about Morton Grove

Morton Grove is a town in Cook County in Illinois. It got its name after former US Vice President Levi Parsons Morton. He was one of the people in charge of financing the Milwaukee Road. The town grew a lot in the 20th century and has continued to develop to this day. It has a population of about 23,000 residents. Since the year 2000, it showed a growth rate of 3.6%.

The population is quite diverse, with White, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, and Latino residents. It’s a town where you can learn a lot about other cultures, try many different traditional foods, and speak to a lot of new, interesting people. Additionally, Morton Grove has a good age balance among the people living in it. The median age is 44 and the different age groups are spread out evenly. Residents over the age of 65 amount to about 21% of the population, which means that Morton Grove is a good place for seniors.

diverse residents of Morton Grove crossing the street
You can expect to meet many new people in Morton Grove.

Morton Grove has amazing nature. The North Branch of the beautiful Chicago River flows through the town. The land along both banks is protected by the Cook County Forest Preserve. Morton Grove is only 17 miles away from Chicago, and it offers an escape from the big city chaos. Morton Grove is very accessible so transferring your belongings there won’t be troublesome with residential movers Chicago.

Why Morton Grove is a good place for seniors

Morton Grove offers a variety of things to do for people of all ages. However, the town has a very developed family and senior services department. Being away from the noise and chaos of Chicago, Morton Grove is a more peaceful and calm place to spend your retirement years. There are even numerous ways to destress after moving to Morton Grove. Here are just some of the reasons that show that Morton Grove is a good place for seniors.

two elderly women on a walk in the sunny morton grove
Morton Grove will make your retirement years wonderful.

Family and Senior Services Department

In collaboration with the American Legion Memorial Civic Center, the Department of Family and Senior Services wants to make the lives of the town’s residents better. They aim to provide care and professionalism to make the senior citizens happy, healthy, self-reliant, and productive as much as possible. But what does this town exactly offer?

  • Senior program and calendar
  • AARP friendly line
  • Supportive movers
  • Lending closet with health equipment
  • Disposal program for prescription drugs and sharps
  • Backyard assistance

Senior program and calendar

As mentioned above, Morton Grove offers many different activities to its residents. There are detailed calendars for each month, however, we wanted to pinpoint some of the program highlights.

There are many sports activities like Zumba classes and tai chi. These programs are made to help the trainees’ range of motion, strength, flexibility, and general health. The classes are adjusted for senior citizens of all shapes and sizes, and fitness levels so you won’t have to worry about the intensity of the training. Mondays don’t have to be the worst time of the week if you join these classes.

Besides these sports activities, there are a few more relaxing ones. For example, chair yoga is one of them. It’s very good for people with mobility issues and bone problems. However, if you really need to unwind, we suggest you visit one of the bingo & lunch appointments which happen every Wednesday.

AARP Friendly line

This is the friendly line of the American Association of Retired Persons. We are all going through challenging times right now, so it can be very beneficial to talk to a friend who understands. This line is perfect for anyone who is moving and going to a new place. Change is always hard and talking to someone can really help through the whole process.

Supportive movers

Support doesn’t have to be there only when you become a Morton Grove resident. Moving is an extremely stressful task and it’s both physically and mentally draining. There are many moving companies Morton Grove IL that would love to help you through this journey. You just need to make the call.

Backyard assistance

If you move to Morton Grove and you need some help with your backyard or front yard, you’re in the right place! The town offers a service that handles show shoveling and lawn mowing. These are local volunteers who would love to help their community in every way. You can find all the information on the town’s official website and learn how to apply for assistance.

a lawn mower in a backyard in Morton Grove
You can trust our volunteers to help you with your backyard – just another reason why Morton Grove is a good place for seniors.

Lending closet with health equipment

The lending closet service is one of the many things Morton Grove has to offer for its senior citizens. It contains health equipment that can be loaned out to the residents. However, there are some rules:
  • The loan is based on the first-come/first-serve principle.
  • All of the people that want to borrow something must be Morton Grove citizens.
  • You can borrow the items for 12 months.
  • It’s advised to return the borrowed items once you don’t need them anymore because someone else might need it.
  • All items are free!

Disposal program for prescription drugs and sharps

In collaboration with the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County, Morton Grove has new ways of disposing of what you don’t need anymore. They created a program for an environment-friendly way to get rid of unused prescription drugs, expired sharps, and expired drugs. So, it’s good for you and also good for the environment, can it get any better than that?

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