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In 2022, a house is no longer just a space to sleep and eat for most people. Now, many people work from home and want their house to be a comfortable and safe space where they can have friends over, let the kids play, relax and have fun! Golan’s Moving & Storage Chicago can help you make your move to Illinois much easier. While interior design is always a hot topic, attention must also be paid to the different design trends for exterior design. From dark, earthy tones to light and versatile materials and big backyards, design trends can improve your house’s resale value and keep you happy and satisfied to. If you’re not sure what you like or where to start looking, just read this blog on Illinois exterior design trends to pay attention to when choosing a home.

8 Illinois exterior design trends – fresh and modern!

When choosing a home in Illinois, try to ask yourself these questions when looking at exterior home design:

  1. What kind of materials are used?
  2. Which color palettes are used?
  3. Is there exterior lighting?
  4. Is the house well designed?
Illinois exterior design trends
beige and white – the best combo!

1. Natural materials

In the past few years, trends have shifted away from the traditional styles of heavy materials such as dark wood. Instead, more and more natural looking materials are being used. Light toned wood is being used to make homes seem more open and inviting. Natural wood compared to varnished wood is also quite popular. It’s really cozy compared to the older, darker houses. Light colored stone and lighter brick materials are also much more frequent and give the home texture.

Another natural material gaining popularity is concrete. Before, it was considered “unfinished” to see concrete siding on a house, but now it’s becoming modern and appealing. Trends are moving much more towards nature and mimicking the natural world around us.

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2. Neutral colors from charcoal to beige

When it comes to color, this year’s exterior design trends are leaning towards in neutral, beige and natural shades. People are starting to appreciate nature much more and want their homes to blend in and reflect that. This includes some darker colors as well.

The most popular neutral colors include:

  1. Black
  2. Charcoal
  3. Beige
  4. Cream
  5. Off-white
  6. Grey
  7. Ivory
  8. Tan
  9. Taupe
  10. White

3. Green tones

Green shades are perfect for nature lovers who want their house to blend in. Try noticing all of the different hues of green on the houses you see and you will be surprised! Many people have also started mixing green colors with plant life on the exterior walls of the house or even green roofs, planted with actual plants! These colors will give your house a unique, welcoming and warm aesthetic.

4. Contrasts

Another popular trend is contrast. Certain pops of color or darker accents are being added to roofs, doorways, fences, stair etc. Mixing natural hues mentioned above with certain darker, dramatic colors is sure to give you an eye-catching home! This is also a great way to draw attention to certain parts of the home. Is the roof made of beautiful, light sand-colored brick? A few red or black accents will draw any passer-by’s attention to it.

a house with big windows
Big windows will allow natural light to flow through your home.

5. Windows, windows, windows!

Natural lighting and big windows are now considered the luxurious must have of exterior design trends. In the last few years, window sizes have almost doubled. People are even building houses completely made of glass! Not only will big windows make your house look like an amazing piece of architectural art from the outside, they will also provide you with a well-light, comfortable home. Big windows add a lot to resale value as well. They are all the rage and few people will be able to resist such a home.

6. Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the biggest trends of 2022 for exterior home design. You can use lighting  to accent certain parts of the home and they add a warm, fairy-tale look to the house. Who wouldn’t be attracted to soft yellow and white twinkling houses? No one! This is why lighting has such a powerful effect on buyers. You will instantly be drawn to a well-lit house in comparison to a dark one. There are many options for exterior lighting, from solar to battery-powered lights to LED lights in different colors that will make your garden stairs or pathway pop! And they are affordable and come in many different varieties.

Exterior lighting options which are trending are:

  1. Path lights
  2. String lights
  3. Freestanding walkway lighting
  4. Fireplace or fire pit
  5. Lanterns
A white house
The simpler the better!

7. Minimalistic Designs

For a few years now, minimalist architectural design is steadily climbing to a number one trend. People are much more attracted to sleek, clean lines and geometrical shapes than more traditional, decorated and colorful houses. The minimalist style is best described through soft, monochrome colors, hidden lights, big windows, clean and simple shapes and lines for the roof, doorways, stairs and paths. In addition, big, geometric tiles are all the rage in the garden or on stairs. Movers Northbrook IL are in luck because Golan’s Moving and Storage will make your moving experience a breeze!

8. Building with Durable Materials

Last but not least, using durable, sturdy materials to build longer-lasting homes is one of the biggest trends for exterior design. There materials are designed to last, which will only increase the resale value of your home if you ever wish to sell it in the future. Your house will be able to withstand weather conditions and the biggest enemy of all- time. No one wants cheap, short-term products that have to be repaired or replaced frequently.

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As you have read,  the biggest exterior design trends to pay attention to when choosing a home in Illinois include natural and durable materials, soft hues with bold accents, minimalistic design, elaborate exterior lighting and huge windows! So, when you are searching for your next home and like keeping up with the trends of 2022, be sure to notice these 7 design trends when looking at homes. Moving to Illinois will be a great experience and we wish you a happy move and happy house hunting!

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