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When moving to the Chicago area, safety stands out as a top priority. Families, professionals, and retirees alike seek peace of mind. It is essential to choose a suburb or community known for its security. The best movers in Chicago can offer insights into the safest areas. They have extensive experience with these neighborhoods. For example, Lincolnwood and Northbrook are celebrated for their low crime rates. Similarly, Park Ridge and Skokie provide a safe environment with strong community bonds. Selecting one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago is not just about avoiding crime. It also means finding a community where you can thrive and feel at ease. This decision shapes your daily life and overall happiness.

Lincolnwood: A quiet, safe haven

If you’re considering a move to Lincolnwood, you’ll find it’s a quiet, safe haven. With one of the lowest crime rates in the area, residents feel secure. Statistics show that Lincolnwood’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average. This peace of mind comes from effective public safety initiatives and a responsive police department. For that reason, movers Lincolnwood IL, often highlight this as a key reason families choose the area.

A family in one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago
For families, Lincolnwood is one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago

Lincolnwood is also known for its family-friendly parks and activities. Proesel Park, for example, offers a playground, swimming pool, and picnic areas. It’s a perfect spot for weekend family outings. Additionally, the local schools are highly rated, thanks in part to strong community involvement. District 74 schools host various events that foster a sense of belonging and pride among students and parents. This community engagement further enhances the area’s safety and warmth, making Lincolnwood a top choice for those moving to the Chicago area.

Northbrook: Affluent and secure

Northbrook stands as an affluent and secure community, attracting many with its focus on safety and luxury. The local police department implements community policing and safety programs effectively. For instance, the annual National Night Out event strengthens bonds between residents and law enforcement, contributing to a notably low crime rate compared to national averages. This is certainly one of the reasons why movers Northbrook IL, often cite these statistics to reassure new residents of their safety. The education system in Northbrook is another point of pride. Schools like Maple School are known for their high academic standards and innovative programs, preparing students well for the future. This emphasis on quality education adds to the appeal for families.

A couple moving to one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago
Many choose to relocate to Northbrook because of its safety records

Luxurious living in Northbrook comes with a keen focus on security. Gated communities and state-of-the-art home security systems are common. For example, homes in the Charlemagne area offer both luxury and peace of mind, with prices ranging significantly to accommodate various preferences and budgets. This blend of affluent living and dedicated community safety efforts makes Northbrook a highly sought-after location for those moving to the Chicago area.

Park Ridge: Safety meets suburban charm

Park Ridge, where safety meets suburban charm, offers a welcoming environment for everyone who decides to relocate here with movers Park Ridge IL. This community boasts historically low crime rates. For instance, its crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, making it one of the safest suburbs around Chicago. The city is also known for its community events that foster a safe and connected environment. The annual Summerfest brings families together for music, food, and games, promoting unity and neighborliness. Such events not only enhance the community’s vibrancy but also contribute to its overall safety.

Furthermore, Park Ridge ensures its residents have access to excellent healthcare and emergency services. Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, a highly-ranked healthcare facility, is located within the city. This hospital is renowned for its comprehensive services and emergency response capabilities, providing peace of mind to the community. Together, these factors make Park Ridge a desirable place to live. Its blend of safety, community spirit, and access to services creates a perfect suburban charm, appealing to families, professionals, and retirees alike.

Skokie: Diverse and vigilant

Skokie stands out as a diverse and vigilant community, priding itself on maintaining low crime rates. This is one of the main reasons many decide to hire movers Skokie, and relocate to this community. This suburb has implemented measures to ensure safety, resulting in crime rates that are impressively lower than national averages. The community’s dedication to safety is evident through its active neighborhood watch programs and safety workshops. For example, the Skokie Neighborhood Watch Program encourages residents to collaborate with law enforcement, fostering a proactive approach to community safety. Additionally, safety workshops held by the Skokie Police Department cover topics from personal safety to cyber security, empowering residents with knowledge and resources.

Two policeman
In Skokie, people feel safe thanks to the Skokie Police Department

Skokie’s educational institutions reflect its cultural inclusivity, offering programs that celebrate diversity. Schools host multicultural events and educational programs, promoting understanding and inclusivity among students. This focus on cultural inclusivity not only enriches the educational experience but also strengthens the community’s social fabric, making Skokie a model for diversity and safety.

Elmwood Park: Small and safe community

Elmwood Park offers a unique blend of small-town feel with big-city safety, making it an attractive place for many. This community takes pride in its crime prevention measures and effective community policing. For example, the Elmwood Park Police Department has launched neighborhood patrols that work closely with residents to address concerns swiftly. This collaboration has significantly contributed to maintaining a safe environment and attracting many to hire one of the moving companies in Elmwood Park. Moreover, Elmwood Park is home to recreational programs that cater to both youth and families, fostering a strong sense of community. The Elmwood Park Recreation Center, for instance, offers various activities ranging from sports leagues to arts and crafts classes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Local government initiatives in Elmwood Park are also noteworthy and aim to make walking and biking to school safer for children, involving improvements in infrastructure and traffic management around schools. Such initiatives demonstrate the commitment of Elmwood Park to public safety, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a secure living environment.

Niles: One of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago

Niles stands as a testament to safety through community innovation, making it a prime choice for many. However, it is especially a prime choice for families since more and more families have decided to hire one of the moving companies in Niles and relocate here. This suburb has embraced technological advancements in public safety, like the state-of-the-art surveillance system installed in key community areas. These cameras are not just for monitoring; they also serve as a deterrent to crime, ensuring the streets remain safe for everyone.

A surveillance camera
In Niles, many areas are covered with the surveillance system

Family-oriented community facilities and events play a significant role in Niles. The Niles Family Fitness Center, for example, offers a range of activities and programs that cater to all ages, promoting health and wellness in a safe environment. The annual Niles Family Fun Fair and Parade bring the community together, strengthening bonds and enhancing the sense of security among residents. Schools in Niles are deeply integrated into the community’s safety net. District 219 schools actively participate in safety drills and collaborate with local law enforcement to educate students on safety protocols. This proactive approach ensures that schools are not just places of learning but also environments where safety is a priority.

Des Plaines: Serenity by the water

Des Plaines offers serenity by the water, coupled with strategic safety advantages. Its location near the Des Plaines River provides not just scenic beauty but also a natural barrier that enhances the community’s security. Additionally, the city’s layout, with well-lit streets and open spaces, makes it a safer environment at all hours for residents who have used the services of Des Plaines moving company. Emergency preparedness is a priority in Des Plaines.

A streetlight
In Des Plaines, most of the streets are well-lit at night

The city has a comprehensive emergency response system, including early warning sirens and a community alert network that keeps residents informed during emergencies. This system ensures a swift and coordinated response to any situation, from natural disasters to other emergencies. Community centers and public spaces in Des Plaines are designed with safety in mind. The Des Plaines Public Library, for instance, not only offers a wealth of resources but also serves as a safe gathering place for people of all ages.

Evanston: A safe, academic community

Evanston is recognized for being a safe academic community where the partnership between the community and university police plays a pivotal role. This collaboration ensures a seamless safety network that benefits everyone. For example, joint patrols and shared resources between Evanston and Northwestern University police departments enhance the security measures across the city. Safety programs are a cornerstone of this community’s approach to security, addressing the needs of both students and residents. The SafeRide program offers free, late-night transportation to ensure students can travel safely around campus and the city. This initiative reflects the community’s commitment to safety at all hours.

Moreover, Evanston’s vibrant nightlife and cultural scene are designed with security in mind. The downtown area, bustling with theaters, restaurants, and galleries, is well-lit and regularly patrolled, providing a secure environment for evening entertainment. Evanston movers often emphasize these aspects, highlighting the city’s successful blend of academic excellence with a safe, culturally rich lifestyle. This makes Evanston an attractive option for those seeking both intellectual stimulation and peace of mind.

Wilmette: A coastal retreat with top-notch safety

Wilmette offers a coastal retreat with top-notch safety, making it a sought-after location for those prioritizing security and quality of life. The village is known for its exclusive residential areas, many of which feature private security. This adds an extra layer of peace of mind for residents. For instance, communities like Indian Hill Estates are renowned for their safety measures and vigilant neighborhood watch programs. Outdoor activities abound in Wilmette, thanks to its safe, well-maintained parks and beaches. Gillson Park, a favorite among locals, offers pristine beaches and recreational facilities under the watchful eyes of lifeguards during the summer months. This ensures families can enjoy the outdoors with confidence.

A couple on the street
There is no doubt that Wilmette is one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago

Community engagement in Wilmette extends to safety and wellness initiatives. The Wilmette Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a great example, where residents can volunteer and receive training to assist in disaster response efforts. This sense of community responsibility enhances the overall safety and well-being of the area. These combined efforts make Wilmette not just a place to live but a secure and nurturing environment to call home.

Oak Park: Historic charm with modern safety

Oak Park marries historical charm with modern safety, creating a unique living experience. This suburb is a prime example of how historical preservation can coexist with contemporary public safety measures. For instance, the Oak Park Historic District not only showcases beautifully preserved homes but also benefits from the latest in security technology and police patrol strategies:

  • Oak Park’s streets are lined with Frank Lloyd Wright designs that feature modern security systems. This blend ensures the area’s rich heritage remains protected, alongside the well-being of its residents.
  • The suburb hosts numerous events like the Oak Park Festival Theatre and the Annual Scarecrow Building Contest. These gatherings foster a strong sense of community and mutual care, which is crucial for overall safety.
  • Oak Park’s police department excels in community engagement, offering programs like the Citizen Police Academy. This initiative educates residents on law enforcement practices, encouraging a collaborative approach to maintaining safety.

Pick one of the safest suburbs and communities around Chicago

The safest suburbs and communities around Chicago, including Lincolnwood, Northbrook, Park Ridge, Skokie, Elmwood Park, Niles, Des Plaines, Evanston, Wilmette, and Oak Park, offer diverse options for those seeking security and quality of life. Each area brings its unique blend of safety measures, community engagement, and lifestyle benefits. From the tranquil waterfront serenity of Wilmette to the vibrant, culturally rich streets of Evanston and the historical charm of Oak Park, these suburbs cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. As you consider relocating, these communities stand out for their commitment to maintaining safe environments through innovative public safety measures, strong education systems, and active community participation. Choosing to live in one of these areas means investing in a secure and fulfilling lifestyle.

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