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So you’ve just moved in to your new place and you haven’t set up your AC yet. It’s a hot summer this year, and it’s very important to live responsibly if you’re without cool air during a heat wave. There are a lot of things you can do to make it through the muggy months without a trip to the hospital:

– Use box fans and ceiling fans to circulate air through your home. Open doors to push hot air outdoors like an “exhaust” system. In the cooler evenings, open all windows and close everything when the sun comes up. Make sure to close curtains and blinds as well, to keep the indoors cool for as long as possible.

– Cool down with water. Soak your feet in cold water, wet towels and bandannas and put them on your head and shoulders. Take cool showers and consider using a spray bottle filled with cold water throughout the day.

– Seek refuge downstairs. Since hot air rises, the upper stories of a home will be warmer than the ground floor.

– Get rid of extra sources of heat. Light bulbs, computers or appliances left running generate unnecessary heat.

– Eat light! Large, protein-rich meals increase metabolic heat and warm the body, not to mention oftentimes require the use of an oven.

– Stay hydrated. Water is the most important key to surviving a hot summer without AC, but don’t forget that when you sweat you lose electrolytes. Be sure to drink beverages that can replace them.

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