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When the holiday season is approaching, one of the most exciting activities is holiday decoration. But afterward, putting all the holiday ornaments away can get rather frustrating. Especially if it isn’t handled the right way. But some people just get overwhelmed and do not seem to have an idea how to do it without frustration. Hence, we’ve gathered great ideas on how to store your holiday decorations properly. There’s no doubt these useful storage tips will help you go through this holiday challenge. So, read on and follow our ideas for a smart holiday organization.

How to properly store your holiday decorations such as the artificial tree?

Many people opt for an artificial tree for their holiday decoration due to its many advantages. The first and most important advantage is that it can last for years with the proper care. Especially if you use storage units Skokie to store them properly. Nevertheless, you should think about the weight of your tree before you decide where to store it. Therefore, it’s important to know that most artificial trees are too heavy to fit into a trap-door attic. But instead, we advise you to consider storing your tree on the same floor as it is used. Or another great idea is to store it in a storage room, closet, or garage. Also, another good option to store your holiday decorations such as a tree is a rolling case. By doing this, you will save precious time next year by storing the tree without dismantling it.

Woman holding an ornament near the Christmas tree
You have to pay attention and properly store your Christmas tree.

More useful ideas to store your holiday decorations

Hiring the best moving companies in Elmwood park can help with the challenge of storing your holiday decorations. But there are so many things you can handle on your own and handle this task like a pro.

How to store your Christmas lights properly?

One of the most useful tips for storing your holiday decorations such as the lights is to keep them tangle-free. Also, the best way to achieve that is to use a piece of masking tape and a permanent marker. Then, you can label each strand and indicate how long the light is. Or the note can indicate where it was used for easy replacement next holiday season. Finally, after you take care of this task, remember to wrap the stand securely to prevent tangling and bulb breakage.

The best ways to store your holiday ornaments

When it comes to holiday decorations, one of the most numerous ones is your tree ornaments. So, one of the ways to store and pack them properly is to hire moving services Chicago to help you. But if not, you can store your decorations in an ornament container. The advantage of this type of storage is that it has a special design with layers. And that will allow you to fill space around your ornaments with tissue paper and prevent movement and potential damage. Moreover, this chest has three lightweight trays with handles that allow easy access to each layer. Finally, you can reconfigure the tray dividers to place and store ornaments of any size and shape.

Man and child holding holiday ornaments
Store your holiday decorations the right way and have fun along the way.

Ideas for storing holiday villages properly

Many households set up a Christmas village, an interesting ornament but not always easy to store. However, we have the right advice when it comes to storing your holiday decorations properly. So, we advise you to store them in one or two tubs or cases by packing the buildings in first. After that step, you should place any ground, lighting, snow, or landscaping on the top. This little packing and storing tip will allow you to open the tub next year and begin building immediately. Moreover, if you pack the things you need first in your storage containers, you’ll be able to unpack and decorate along the way.

The advantages of packing holiday villages by following our tips

This is a smart storage tip as it puts heavier items toward the bottom. But at the same time, it puts less heavy parts above. And let’s not forget to mention that this bag can hold up to 20 boxed village components and that it has rear wheels and padded handles. Thus, that will provide you with the easy and safe moving of all the breakable houses at once. Finally, you can think about putting your storage case with holiday village in climate-controlled storage for extra caution and security.

Storing the wrapping paper properly

When it comes to storing crafts and gift preparations, sometimes, you can’t find a small permanent area for them. And that’s why we think it’s great to put all your wrapping paper into an under-the-bed area or use a hanging storage system. Another great idea is to hang an organizer in a guest room closet if you don’t have enough room under the bed. Then, while they’re stored, these organizers hang, but when they open, they are in standing tabletop positions. And that means that they’re ready to start wrapping. Also, this option not only saves you space but protects folded wrapping paper sheets and greeting cards. And if the time comes to move all those crafts, you can simply ask for help from Golan’s Moving and Storage.

Ideas to store hooks, hangers, and other small decorations

Get a few extra ornament hangers, zip ties, and twist ties to store holiday small parts. You can use a customizable 5-compartment storage case that is primarily being used for school supplies. But in this case, you can use it to store holiday ornaments properly. Moreover, this case has adjustable dividers to place any of your small holiday decoration parts. So, for example, you can place the metal hooks and avoid having them scattered at the bottom of your ornament box.

Little Santa ornament on the floor
After all, pay attention to packing and storing small holiday decoration parts.

How to use out-of-the-way elevated storage for your holiday decoration storage?

After you pack your holiday decorations into containers, there is more to it. There are more ways to set your holiday ornaments aside.

  • Firstly, you should sort decorations into a few categories, such as outdoor and indoor. And that will allow you to decorate an area at a time and not have to empty all your boxes at once.
  • Secondly, anchor this storage system to your garage or attic rafters to avoid tripping over your Christmas decorations during the summer.

So, now that you know how to store your holiday decorations, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this festive holiday season.

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