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During spring and summer, we tend to spend time outside of the house. Many people opt for their own backyard, with patio furniture and a good atmosphere. However, issues may arise during colder periods. Because of that, you need a proper way to store patio furniture during winter. Rain and humid weather can create damage to your outdoor furniture and it may lose its functionality.

a top view of a patio garden inside a small backyard
Patio furniture has good use throughout the year, but it needs proper protection during the winter

You can always opt for a storage unit to store your furniture during cold and wet days. Hiring moving companies Chicago is the easiest way to find a storage unit and transport items to it. However, if you have a shed or space in your backyard or home you can store your furniture there.

Why is it important to store patio furniture during winter?

Patio furniture is a great commodity to have during sunny days and warm nights. However, when it comes to winter this is a different story. A good deal of furniture can suffer damage if left outside during those days. Rain and cold weather can decrease the quality of the materials the furniture is made of. Because of that, in this article, we will help you find the perfect solution for:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Cushions and other fabrics that go with it

Having proper protection for your patio furniture is important. It will prolong the longevity of items and make sure you can use it next year. This can both save you a good chunk of money and allow you to avoid the stress that might occur if the items are damaged.

Before you start storing it, make sure it is clean

Cleaning your patio furniture is the most important thing you need to do. Any dirt, mud or food can create mold and rot which will decrease the quality of your furniture. Therefore, cleaning all of your furniture before you start storing it away will only help you prepare better for the next season of warm weather. Oxidation and rust are very common, especially if the furniture has been exposed to different weather conditions throughout the year. You can neutralize rust by using steel wool and re-painting it. Moreover, using silicon will provide another layer of protection. If you do not have a place to store your furniture, you can always opt for storage Skokie and rest assured that your items are safe.

Wooden furniture

Wood is a material we encounter very often in different places. Wooden chairs and tables are often an outdoor accessory. To store your patio furniture for winter you must tend to the wood first. Make sure that it is clean and not exposed to any outside factors that might affect its condition.

wooden chairs and a table in the backyard should be the top priority when you store patio furniture during winter
Wood is very susceptible to moisture and it can seriously reduce its quality

For instance, if it was raining or the weather was humid, moisture can create an issue. Especially when it gets colder because the moisture inside the wood can freeze and make the wood crack. This will not only lower the aesthetic appeal of the wood, but it will most likely reduce the quality of wood. Clean the wood with a detergent-water mix and re-paint it before you store it away. Make sure that you dry it well before you put it away. The paint will provide another protective layer to help the wood remain intact.

Plastic furniture

Plastic furniture is probably the most common peace of outdoor furniture. Still, when you want to store patio furniture during winter you must mind the details. For instance, unlike wood, plastic is not susceptible to any moisture. However, it is susceptible to cold weather and plastic freezing can make the furniture brittle. This means that it will be very fragile and could easily crack. Of course, before you store it away you must wash it with a simple soap and water mix and let it air dry. Finally, simply store the furniture somewhere where the temperature is not below the freezing point. This will be the best way to preserve this type of furniture for next year.

Metal and aluminium furniture

This type of furniture is very susceptible to rust. Rust can greatly decrease the quality of the material. Because of that, make sure to brush the furniture and wash it before you store it. Another layer of protection you can add is to paint the furniture or to apply car wax on it.

Cushions and other fabrics

Every furniture has cushions and other fabrics that make it a soft and comfortable place to spend time on. Because of that, you must maintain the quality of these fabrics as they play a big part in how comfortable your patio furniture is. You can always read the manufacturer instructions on what is the best way to clean these fabrics to keep them in mint condition. If you opt for storage, hiring furniture movers Chicago will make sure your furniture arrives safely, but you should keep the fabrics on it and make sure it is properly clean. Maintaining these fabrics will preserve their softness and comfort for the next year.

Storage units are a great place to store patio furniture during winter if you do not have the room

Storage units are all perks and little flaws. They are a good choice for relocation and storage options. So, regardless of how much items you have to store, there is always the right size storage unit for you. If you do not have any extra space in your home or do not meet the conditions your furniture needs, a storage unit is the best option for you.

storage units exterior on a sunny day
Storage units are a great place to store items you have no room for in your home

Many different storage units offer a variety of special conditions for many items. Because of this, it will not be hard to find a perfect storage unit for your items. The positive side of this is that you can use a storage unit temporarily, in case you find someplace you can store patio furniture during winter.

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