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Antiques are items that represent another time before ours. Because of their age and quality, they are precious. Some people like to collect them. Real lovers can spend thousands of dollars on items like this. But sometimes, people either get bored of some, or they just don’t fit into the aesthetics of their homes anymore. This can happen when you move to a new home with the help of some Chicago moving and storage companies. You could easily sell items like that and make some good money, but sometimes you simply cannot let go of something. If you are still on the fence about a certain antique, you can always put it up for storage. This asks the question – How to store fragile antiques? Let us try to answer it for you.

What are some things to keep in mind before you store fragile antiques?

Antiques are old items with a high price point. Since they were made a long time ago, the materials used might not be as durable as today’s materials. And many of them have a certain old beauty to them, that can easily be ruined. If you want to preserve their beauty and their value, you need to always handle them with care when you want to store fragile antiques in some storage units Skokie. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoiding contact with the skin
  • Don’t stack the items
  • Avoid light
Picture of a woman getting ready to store fragile antiques
Antiques need special attention

Avoid skin contact

You will wash your hands before handling your antiques, but that is not enough. Even the cleanest hands contain natural oils from the skin that can cause damage. You are putting your items up for storage, so you won’t be cleaning them for a long time. You shouldn’t even be moving and touching them a lot, but when you do, use special gloves. They will protect fragile items during all the following steps of the process.

Don’t stack

Everyone wants to save money wherever possible. Maximizing your small, more affordable storage unit by stacking boxes of sound goods, unless you have antiques to store. Excessive stacking will put pressure on the bottom item, and it will get damaged over time. When handling fragile items, use packing supplies Chicago and consider installing shelves for extra horizontal space.

Avoid light

Antiques are so fragile that even light can damage them. Large amounts of both artificial and natural sunlight can warp wood and fade color, diminishing the value of beautiful items. If you plan on keeping them in a separate room at home, put UV filtering film on the windows as the safest DIY option. If you are moving with some long distance movers Chicago during a hot summer day, keep them cool and out of sunlight as much as possible.

Picture of a gramophone
When you want to store fragile antiques, do it in a space where there is no light

When you want to store fragile antiques, take your time with the preparation. Fragile items will benefit from the love and careful handling, so go ahead and do it at your own pace. The same goes for moving your valuables, they will be safer the more time you invest into packing them. We wish you good luck!

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