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In certain moving situations, driving your car to your new home isn’t feasible. Fortunately, it’s possible to safely ship your car to your destination, eliminating the hassle and stress of driving to your new home. Here are three tips to consider before shipping your car:

1. Save time by shipping your car. Cross-country moving is major time investment. For example, a transcontinental move from New York City to Los Angeles is 2,778 miles and requires about 44 hours of driving time. Factor in bathroom breaks and overnight stays, and you’re looking at a four to five day trip, easy. When moving for a job, or in any moving scenario, the moving timeframe may be limited. Shipping your car allows you to fly to your destination, saving valuable time during your move.

2. Protect your car. Select a trusted, professional moving company to ensure the safety of your vehicle. A reputable company will have insurance, so in the rare case something goes awry, your car will be protected.

3. There’s only one option when moving overseas. If you’re moving to Hawaii or Europe and you want to bring your car, you’ll have to ship it (unless you’re in the market to buy a new one). Do your research and arrange to have your car shipped early in the moving process, since this task isn’t optional. Planning ahead will save you from potential headaches down the line.

4. Arrange for drop off and pick up. Many people realize that they will have to drop their car off, but they forget about picking it up. Make arrangements for pick up when you book your moving company.

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