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Moving can be stressful, and if you’re planning on moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood, you have a lot on your plate. One significant concern might be how to move your car along with your household items. Should you drive it yourself or use auto transportation Chicago? Shipping your car can save you time and spare your vehicle the wear and tear of a long drive. This article is here to help. We aim to guide you through the entire process of shipping your car between these two locations. By following the advice and steps outlined here, you can make the move a little less stressful. So, let’s dive in and figure this out together.

Why are people moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood?

Many people are considering hiring local movers Chicago and moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood for various reasons. One of the main factors is often the quality of life. Lincolnwood boasts excellent schools, a strong sense of community, and beautiful parks. But what catches the eye most is the cost of living.

A couple preparing for moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood
Even though the cost of living is higher, many people opt for moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood

Imagine you’re currently renting a two-bedroom apartment in Elmwood Park for $1,200 a month. You may find similar accommodation in Lincolnwood for around $1,400. Although a bit higher, the extra cost is offset by better amenities and a safer neighborhood. On the flip side, groceries in Lincolnwood might be slightly more expensive than in Elmwood Park. A gallon of milk could cost you $3 in Elmwood Park, whereas it might be $3.50 in Lincolnwood. The point is, while Lincolnwood may be somewhat pricier, many believe the benefits outweigh the extra costs. So, if you’re contemplating this move with professional movers Chicago, you’re not alone. The charm and advantages of Lincolnwood make it an attractive option for many.

Types of car shipping options

When it comes to shipping your car from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood, you have several options to consider. Each comes with its own set of benefits and trade-offs. Understanding these can help you make an informed decision. Here are the main types to think about:

  • Open vs enclosed carriers: An open carrier is generally cheaper but exposes your car to the elements. On the other hand, an enclosed carrier offers more protection but comes at a higher price.
  • Door-to-door vs terminal-to-terminal: Door-to-door service is convenient; the company picks up and delivers your car right to your doorstep. Terminal-to-terminal is less expensive, but you’ll need to drop off and pick up your car at specific locations.
  • Time frame: Open carriers and terminal-to-terminal options usually offer faster service. Enclosed carriers and door-to-door might take a bit longer due to the extra steps involved.

Each choice has its own advantages and downsides, so weigh these factors carefully before making a final decision. By doing so, you’ll find the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Look for reliable car shipping services

Selecting a reliable car shipping service that movers Lincolnwood IL provide is crucial for a smooth move from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood. Proper research helps you avoid unnecessary stress, delays, and potential damage to your car.  When you’re researching, customer reviews and testimonials can be invaluable. Look for feedback that speaks about punctuality, the condition of the car upon arrival, and the company’s communication skills. Ratings and reviews can offer insights into the company’s reliability and customer satisfaction. Don’t just focus on the high ratings; consider reading some middle-of-the-road or lower ratings to get a complete picture.

Parked trucks
When relocating your car, ensure to have a reliable auto shipping company by your side

Get multiple quotes

One of the smartest moves you can make when planning to ship your car from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood is getting multiple quotes. Different moving companies in Elmwood Park have different pricing models and services, so it’s essential to shop around. Comparing prices helps you understand the market rate and allows you to make a more informed decision.

When you request a quote, make sure to ask about what it includes. Are there additional fees for door-to-door delivery or for using an enclosed carrier? Knowing these details upfront prevents any surprise costs later on. You’ll also encounter two types of quotes: binding and non-binding. A binding quote is a fixed price that won’t change, giving you certainty. A non-binding quote, on the other hand, is an estimate that could change depending on various factors like fuel prices or route changes.

Handling insurance and payment

When you’re shipping your car from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood, securing the right moving insurance is crucial. Accidents and damages, though rare, can happen. Insurance acts as a safety net, providing you with financial protection in case of any mishaps during transport. To ensure you’re adequately covered, it’s a good idea to check the shipping company’s insurance policies. Ask for a copy and go through it carefully. You can also verify their coverage by asking for their insurance provider’s details and confirming with the provider directly.

Paper with insurance written on it
Obtaining insurance will be one of the most important aspects of your car shipping process

As for payment, you may encounter various options such as credit cards, checks, or even cash on delivery. Always be cautious of companies that ask for a large upfront payment before the service begins. Some reputable companies may require a small deposit, but the bulk of the payment is usually made upon delivery. Being well-informed about insurance and payment options will help you select a service that is both safe and fair.

Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations

As you wrap up your plans for shipping your car when moving from Elmwood Park to Lincolnwood, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with any local laws or regulations that could affect your move. Both towns may have specific guidelines concerning vehicle registration, parking, and even emissions standards that you need to comply with. Understanding these rules in advance can save you from future headaches like fines or additional fees. By taking the time to research and adhere to local regulations, you’ll be setting yourself up for a seamless transition between the two locations. It’s the final but essential step to ensure a smooth, worry-free move.

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