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Setting up your pool table shouldn’t take a lot of time. You should expect to invest at least 2-4 hours from start to finish. Naturally, if you already have experience with this, you can do it a lot quicker. There’s nothing too difficult when it comes to the way of how to set up a pool table. You’ll need to unload it and put it in the room where you want it to be, attach the legs, place the slates, and finally felt the table.  As you can see, the whole process is pretty straightforward. Moreover, if you’re using the best movers in Chicago to relocate the pool table to you, you’re saving yourself a lot of your time. You’re going to be able to finish the whole process even quicker, than if you were to relocate it to Elmwood Park on your own.

Where to begin and who to ask for help

Begin by attaching the legs. You should probably flip the whole table over while you do this, and use someone else’s help to flip it back up. It isn’t too hard, and there’s more information about the specific pool table in the manual. Consulting the manual is going to be a really good idea since it’s going to have all the specifics for that specific brand. You should use a socket wrench to tighten all the nuts. If you’re unsure about the procedure and would like to ask for help, you can always ask the pool table movers Chicago company’s staff you’ve hired. They will be more than happy to assist you after you’ve hired them. Actually, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a company is the advice and assistance they can provide.

Two men playing at a pool table, whereas one is aiming at the billiard balls.
You won’t need a lot of time to set up a pool table, but it’s still important to do it correctly and carefully.

Finishing the process

Moving on, you’ll want to level and place the slates correctly. You should be a bit careful about this, but it’s nothing too hard. Using a measuring tape will really help you to pinpoint the exact location. Moreover, local movers Chicago has that have experience in this line of work suggest using a leveler to see if the slates are correctly leveled. These kinds of tools and equipment will really help you set up a pool table. So, don’t forget to get them beforehand and have them ready. That’s the number one mistake people usually make.

A man playing after he had set up a pool table in his house.
Prepare all the tools and equipment beforehand so you can set up your pool table without delays.

Acquiring a pool table in Elmwood Park

There are a few places in Elmwood Park that will sell you a pool table. Moreover, you can always find some in Chicago. Pool tables are becoming more and more popular in family houses. Moreover, they’re great for parties, as well. Check out the following places if you’re in need of getting one:

  • Blatt Billiards,
  • Ruffian’s Lounge
  • You can even find some in Dollar Tree

If you have questions about how to set up a pool table – consult with the experts. While the process is easy and there are not a lot of mistakes that you can make, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Several of the moving companies in Elmwood Park offer pool table moving services. Use those to help get your pool table to the house, and that will give you a precious opportunity to ask the experts directly about everything you are not sure about.

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