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Relocating to Chicago is a dream for many people. However, moving here can be much harder than it is at first look. Your moving budget is one thing to start with. If you do not have enough money for something like this, everything can go south pretty quickly. That is why you should consider saving for your move to Chicago. By doing this, you can get better Chicago area movers and have a better experience. Also, it will give you much more options to consider. So, here are a few ways how to save up when moving to Chicago. Make sure you are as prepared as possible!

Do not try to move everything that you own to Chicago

The biggest mistake that people make is that they try to move everything that they own. But, do you really need every single item in your home? You should put this into perspective once we say that the higher the weight, the higher the moving price. You should check this out by getting free moving quotes from companies around you. But, what to do with excess items that you have?

  • throw them away
  • give them to charities
  • make a sale and get more money for your move
messy room
Decluttering will always help you reduce the costs

Get free packing supplies and save up on when moving to Chicago

You will need packing supplies for packing your stuff. When moving to a big place, like Chicago, you want everything to be perfect. Even though it is always better to get packing supplies Chicago from moving companies, there are ways to get them for free. You can go to local stores where you can ask and inspect materials that they could lend you. Also, you can ask people close to you to lend you some. But, know that this way is riskier. Inspect everything before deciding to take it!

man taping a free box because he wants to save up on when moving to Chicago
Free packing materials are good if they are durable

Do not move during the busy season

Saving for your Chicago relocation can’t go without talking about when to move. The busiest season for professional movers Chicago is summer. It is due to the fact that most people have free time. However, that also means that you will pay more for the move. If you choose to move during the off-season, you can save up some money that you can spend elsewhere!

Why is saving up when relocating to Chicago important?

Living in the city of Chicago is not a cheap thing. It is quite an expensive place and you do not want to start on the wrong foot. When moving here, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. If you start on the wrong foot, it will become much harder for you to adapt to these conditions. So, think ahead so that you could have a nice move and start as you should!


We have made a selection of the best ways to save up on when moving to Chicago. Even though there are more, we wanted to give you some of the best ones. These will certainly reduce some of the costs and you will be able to save some money. So, use them well and experience a better moving experience!

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